Over the past year, organizations have had to accelerate their remote work and learn infrastructures in rapid time. The short-term fixes cannot be sustained and now new concerns are emerging as IT tries to plan for the future state of work and school. 

In the most recent Dell Transformation Index survey, 80% of businesses confirmed that they fast-tracked their digital transformation this past year.

Vanson Bourne also conducted a global survey across verticals in partnership with Dell and VMware — 90% of respondents anticipate that the shift to remote work will result in cost savings over the next 12 months.

In other surveys, it has been reported that 79% of students prefer blended learning environments for learning​. 

74% of companies plan to permanently shift to a more permanent remote work post COVID-19.  

As organizations continue to evolve in support of a more hybrid remote workforce, the need for smarter devices with modern peripherals plus a flexible and responsive IT environment cannot be understated. Fortunately, Dell Technologies is well-positioned with its in-place Work and Learn From Anywhere Solutions to help your customers reimagine their current IT infrastructure in the best possible way for future demands and sustainable success.

What is Work and Learn From Anywhere? 


Simply put, Work and Learn From Anywhere serves as a holistic approach for a digital workplace that empowers “working and learning from anywhere”. This strategy is based on more than three decades of industry expertise, Dell Technologies’ own digital journey plus the broadest portfolio of technologies and remote work capabilities. 

What does all of this mean for your customers?

Dell Technologies enables personalized and productive experiences for all of its customers, regardless of location. The goal is always to inspire innovation and reduce time and labor for IT:

Allow employees and students to work the way they want with world-class desktops, laptops, monitors, and more.

Access to cutting-edge, AI-based devices that learn and respond to how employees and students work.

Deliver true workforce transformation with virtual desktop infrastructure that enables users to work anytime, anywhere seamlessly and without compromising security or user experience.

Achieve modern IT management with solutions that simplify the deployment and management of support devices.

Optimize remote, on-demand workplaces from the edge to the core to the cloud.

What’s more, the Work and Learn From Anywhere solution helps to ensure continuity and growth with a technology partner and trusted ally who can deliver it all. Key benefits include:

End–to-end security—choose the security solution right for each environment

Modern networking experience—ensure application performance, establish visibility of network activity, reduce WAN costs. 

Optimize workloads with an effective hybrid cloud strategy based on organizational and application requirements. 

The numbers speak for themselves—in a recent survey of 5,700 decision makers, organizations reported these benefits after going remote:

67% reported increased productivity.

75% saw a rise in remote employee empowerment.

57% said they intended to reinvest in technology upgrades.

Indeed, with the power of Dell Technologies behind you, you can deliver a digital workplace that enables “work and learn from anywhere” to help your customers be ready for whatever comes next. 

Learn more about Work and Learn From Anywhere here

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