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Simple, agile IT procurement solutions to fulfill your customer’s technology investment

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Agility, flexibility, and scalability across multiple, digitally supported touchpoints are of paramount importance when it comes to delivering customer service excellence. Today’s organizations want updated IT infrastructure to deliver on these points and separate themselves from the competition, but at the same time, they also need to simplify their IT and free up resources to achieve other business-related objectives. 

To deliver on these touchpoints, modern technology is required, which not every organization can immediately afford. This is where a company like iPower Technologies comes in. iPower Technologies has built a strong reputation around delivering leading technology solutions and white-glove service — from procurement to management to disposal and more. 

In a move to expand its customer base and help organizations move IT acquisition from a capital acquisition to an operating expense model, iPower Technologies sought out a way to expand its portfolio with both technology and acquisition solutions. The company found the ideal solution with Dell Technologies APEX Flex On Demand, a pay-per-use flexible consumption model for custom configurations, delivering elastic capacity that is measured at the product level. 

For iPower Technologies, the results were immediate as the company was able to secure larger opportunities because of its access to Dell Technologies product line, support, and credit. A good example of this is when a Florida-based professional sports team struggled to accommodate its data, which fluctuated depending on whether the team was in season or not. Here, iPower Technologies was able to step in with a solution. By using Flex On Demand, the team can now easily scale capacity up or down to meet their immediate needs, while also preserving capital by aligning IT costs to usage.

APEX Flex On Demand is built for organizations of all sizes. Whether it’s a sports team or, for instance, a smaller law firm that employs 150 staff members. iPower was able to use APEX Flex On Demand to help the firm procure top-notch technology with a pay-per-use model via Dell Financial Services. This acquisition model was key as it allowed staff members to better focus on running their business than managing capacity, which is important for smaller enterprises today.

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