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Stop at Nothing to create, market and sell cyber resiliency services for your customers – Part Two

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In the first part of this blog series, we discussed why IT organizations need holistic and intrinsic data protection solutions, and how Dell Technologies’ deep portfolio of modern data protection and cyber resiliency solutions can deliver reliable protection and recovery of applications and data. We also referred to the results from the recent Global Data Protection Study conducted by Vanson Bourne. In this second part of the blog series, we highlight some of the other key takeaways and steps that partners can take to help customers detect cyber-threats and recover safely. 

In the Global Data Protection 2021 study conducted by Vanson Bourne, they surveyed 1,000 global IT decision makers (ITDMs). The study found that in an increasing number of respondents’ organizations, the likelihood of cyber-attacks has risen to the top of the list as the biggest risk threatening their business. In addition, respondents indicated that: 
• Sixty-four percent of organizations are concerned that they will experience a disruptive event in the next 12 months
• Sixty-five percent of decision makers lack confidence that their organization will be able to recover all systems/data to meet SLOs following a data loss incident 
• Data loss and systems downtime continue to have a significant financial impact on organizations. Average cost over the past 12 months for data loss exceeded $950,000, and the average cost of system downtime was over $500,000
A deeper dive into The Global Data Protection Index 2021 research results reveal a legitimate concern among respondents over cyber readiness:
Few are confident that they can defend against data loss, despite the financial repercussions
As a result of remote workers, there is low confidence that they can recover from cyber-attacks 
Adoption of emerging technologies and the cloud further complicate data protection capabilities
Many feel that better protection against disruptive incidents can be gained by reducing the number of vendors, and indicated a preference for vendors offering As a Service protection
 For Dell Partners Data Protection is an exciting business opportunity
Dell Technologies is number one in Data Protection Appliance and Software as evidenced by their recognition by Gartner as a Leader in the 2021 Data Backup Center & Recovery Solutions magic Quadrant. It’s a position they’ve held for 22 years. They have created proven and modern data protection solutions with a robust, best-in-class solutions portfolio that helps partners in guiding and assisting customers in transforming, securing, and protecting their organizations.
Becoming a go-to provider of data protection to your customers is as easy as it is lucrative. Just look at the benefits:
Realize greater margins by levering up-sell opportunities by offering custom cyber recovery services
Take advantage of dedicated training and enablement with resources designed to maximize sales opportunities
Earn trusted partner status by reselling data migration services
Receive rebates and MDF for selling Dell and Dell EMC hardware and services
Capitalize on partner benefits from your partner tier to help build business 
Become your customers’ go-to technology partner for Data Protection. Learn more about how by visiting Dell’s dedicated Partner Demand Generation Center today, or discover more about Data Protection services here. 
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