A company’s ability to successfully capture new opportunities is directly correlated to how efficiently and effectively it can leverage its data and technology to improve operations and customer engagement. 

Unfortunately, many businesses have established, arguably archaic operational infrastructure in place, and are now facing mounting pressure to update their data gathering and processing procedures to not only grow, but also remain competitive. 

To help your customers begin their digital transformation, they must first off-load their lower-value IT activities to free up their IT teams so that they can concentrate on what matters moving forward. One of the more effective – and efficient – ways to do this is to shift from a traditional capital-centric, purchasing infrastructure support model to instead embracing an as-a-Service model.

Many of today’s leading businesses have already embraced an as-a-Service model for their IT infrastructure. As a solutions provider, you can help your customers engage with this modern approach with Dell Technologies and its APEX Data Storage Services offering, which empowers customers with new ways to manage, access, and consume technology.

At a high level, Dell Technologies APEX Data Storage Services is a portfolio of elastic, outcome-based storage resources delivered so that customers only pay for what they use, with the ability to scale up and down dynamically, and delivered to the service level they need with on-premises infrastructure that is owned and maintained by Dell Technologies. 

Among the key benefits of this exciting as-a-service model: 

Greater Simplicity

• Eliminate forecasting, procurement, and migration cycles

• Enable your IT staff to focus on value-added activities

• Manage your entire as-a-Service journey from a single console

Improved Agility

• Deliver resources to your customers as needed

• Scale capacity up and down seamlessly

• Align expenses with actual vs. anticipated usage

Better Control

• Meet many data localization, regulatory and audit requirements

• Enable hybrid cloud or cloud consumption strategy

• Become a service provider for your organization

APEX Data Storage Services allows you to provide a service to your customers that instantly eliminates over and under provisioning as well as complex procurement and migration cycles from their daily business operations. Customers will feel empowered with the ability scale up and down as respond they respond dynamically to their business needs. What’s more, from a fiscal perspective, customers will certainly appreciate the money saved as they only pay for what they use, with no overage penalties for on-demand usage.

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