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Sustainability is at the core of the Dell Technologies Belief System

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No matter where we look, global forces continue putting pressure on our planet and all its inhabitants. There is not a person, community or enterprise immune to the effects and we all feel an increasing urgency to address the issues – from climate change, to resource depletion, to the breakdown of ecosystems. The challenge for most is to move from goals and promises to progress and action. 
Technology will play a huge role in addressing these issues and driving a sustainable future. As leaders in the technology world, Dell Technologies makes sustainability an integral part of everything they do. They feel a deep responsibility to innovate for their partners, their shared customers and the planet by putting their technology to work to improve our world in every way.  
Three ways in which Dell and Partners can drive meaningful change 
It is time to create a system where “waste” doesn’t exist. Dell designs products for longevity with a focus on extending the lifespan and reusability of parts while making everything easier to recycle. By 2030, the Dell plan is to make 100% of their packaging and more than half of their product content from recycled and renewable materials. They’ll also take back one product for every one delivered to their shared customers. 
With climate change looming, Dell believes the technology industry must take a leading role in protecting our planet. They are taking responsibility for their own footprint with their comprehensive Net Zero goal. By 2050, they plan not to just zero out their own operational greenhouse gas emissions but to neutralize the footprint of their supply chain and the product carbon footprint of their products as well. 
Dell believes a company’s conscience is made up of all the people who work for, with, and through the company. Their supply chain directly affects hundreds of thousands of lives across the world. As such, Dell insists on ethical practices, respect and dignity for everyone creating, selling and supporting Dell products.
Dell has their Partners Covered when it comes to Sustainability 
The world is awakening to the importance of action on sustainability, and there is a reckoning on the horizon for businesses that do not. To help partners and shared customers meet their sustainability goals, Dell is committed to:
constantly rethinking and redesigning their product portfolio to maximize recyclability and minimize carbon footprints
driving ethical and environmental practices across their supply chain and the industry
partnering with their customers, suppliers and communities to create projects that use less, enable more and give back to the world 
The demand is real and increasing for sustainable technology, as well as for technology that can drive sustainability. And Dell and their partners are leaders in both. Learn more here 
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