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Taking a simplified, scalable, and intelligent approach to modern security

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Cyberattacks can impact multiple areas of your customer’s business, including their operation, reputation, and finances. And with the increase in volume and velocity of data being produced, processed, and stored via hybrid work models, multi-cloud environments, as-a-service sourcing, and more, everything we thought we knew about cybersecurity is, well, different – very different. 
Traditional cloud, datacenter, and software security approaches are no longer adequate to protect an organization from malicious attacks. To combat today’s threats, customers need a security approach that is automated, unified across their ecosystem, built into their devices and processes, and aligned to their business goals. For example, embedded hardware features that function below the OS, such as SafeBIOS, SafeID, and Cyber Resilient Architecture, provide protection as a fundamental level, beyond what bolted-on security agents can address.
Indeed, today’s customer needs a simplified, scalable, intelligent approach to cybersecurity. One that instills the confidence of knowing the solutions you’ve provided them will keep their technology and data secure. This can be achieved via Dell Technologies, a global leader in cybersecurity solutions, which can provide you access to the people, technology, and processes to help your customers scale their cybersecurity with less complexity, and also enable them to focus less on securing their data and instead work on building their next breakthrough. 
The power of having a global technology leader who understands security across the entire enterprise
Dell is, of course, known as a technology leader, but how can the company help you set up an appropriate cybersecurity solution? Let’s take a closer look:
Protect Data and Systems: Dell helps you combat threats to protect your customer’s data and technology. This is achieved by embedding security features not only in Dell’s enterprise-wide line of hardware, applications, and services, but also by working over decades to safely insulate its processes for how they design, source, manufacture, ship, and manage their products so you can trust them in your customer’s environment. 
Dell offers advanced tools to effectively identify authorized users, and protect, detect, respond to, and recover from cyber threats – all from a single provider. 
Dell products that will benefit your customers:
·       Dell Trusted Devices
·       Dell Cyber Resilient Architecture
·       Dell Supply Chain Security
·       Dell Safeguard and Response 
Enhance Cyber Resiliency: Dell helps you lessen the impact of cyberattacks on your customer, giving you the ability to help them resume operations rapidly by offering an air-gapped vault with data isolation and immutability for critical data and applications. As you scale your customer’s multi-cloud environment, defend the critical data in your care with intelligent software-defined solutions that can detect unusual patterns, send alerts, protect data while ensuring compliance, and streamline cloud recovery and restoration activities. 
Dell can also offer a team of cyber recovery specialists to assist you with restoring critical data and workloads efficiently should an attack occur on your customer’s enterprise. 
Dell products that will benefit your customers:
·       PowerProtect Cyber Recovery
·       Dell PowerScale with Ransomware Protection
·       Dell PowerProtect Appliances
·       Cyber Security Services
Overcome Security Complexity: Dell helps you confidently scale your customer’s IT operation in the face of increasing security complexity with intelligent security applications to complement the company’s intrinsic hardware and firmware-based features. As an enterprise-wide technology provider, Dell can help you consolidate your customer’s security tools and deal with one trusted partner who best understands your customer’s end-to-end challenges. 
You can also leverage Dell security experts by utilizing the company’s cybersecurity services and expanding as-a- Service offerings that help stretch your personnel resources and operationalize your expense. 
Dell products that will benefit your customers:
·       Dell Safeguard and Response
·       Dell iDRAC
·       Dell PowerProtect Backup Services
·       Dell Technologies Business Resiliency Services
Employing the right technology in today’s data-driven era has never been more important
You’re committed to helping safeguard your customer’s technology and data. Fortunately, Dell has your back. When you outfit your customer’s operation with the cutting-edge security solutions that Dell has to offer, like those listed above, your customers will enjoy the confidence of knowing their data, applications, and systems are, in fact, secure, thereby allowing them to focus on building their next breakthrough. 
Learn more about how Modern Security can protect your customers and grow your business.




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