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Technology That Actually Learns from The User

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Users in all types of organizations are experiencing a total transformation of their remote work experience as result of new groundbreaking technology. Personal computing is reaching amazing new heights in areas of productivity, efficiency and personal experience courtesy of Dell Optimizer. Dell Optimizer is the only built-in, AI-based optimization software that learns and responds to the way that users prefer to work.
It’s all about performance 
As a Solution Provider you can help your customers experience the best performance for their applications with Dell Optimizer’s patent-pending AI-based optimization. Dell      Optimizer uses machine learning to apply performance improvements for up to 5 of their most used applications, with the flexibility to change them at any time. Customers will experience personalized performance that helps them power through their work. 
It’s not about feeds and speed anymore
Features that truly enhance customer experience are what is most important in today’s work-from-anywhere environment. This is where Dell Optimizer makes a profound difference.
Personalized Intelligence: Dell Optimizer is the only AI-based optimization software that learns the way users work. It improves application performance, battery life, strengthens a wireless connection, and enhances audio settings - all in the background.
Faster Sign-in: Remembering your password isn’t a problem with  ‘ExpressSign-in’. The system’s proximity sensor detects the user’s presence to wake on approach and logs the user into the system via facial recognition with Windows Hello TM.
Improved Performance: ‘ExpressResponse’ analyzes users’ preferred apps and devotes more resources to them dynamically to boost performance.
Enhanced Audio: ‘Intelligent Audio’ delivers heightened audio and mic adjustments and removes background noise  for an authentic conferencing experience.      
Smart Power: AI learns user behaviors to extend run time and select the right battery charge policy. ‘ExpressCharge can charge a battery up to 80% in just 60 minutes.
Solution Providers can implement Dell Optimizer for the end users easily with the preinstalled software or download it from for compatible systems. Its free to customers and any future enhancements are available for download for free as well. It is the ideal way to differentiate your practice and value-added services in the commercial personal computing space. Learn more how here
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