The new 2021 Dell Partner Program for solution providers has been introduced, and it stops at nothing to ensure partner success at every turn. With a host of exciting program elements for 2021, the solution provider community has numerous incentives, rewards and benefits to take advantage of. In this first part of a three-part series, we look at key benefits of the new Dell Technologies Partner Program.

Get valuable training and receive incremental benefits in the process 

The Dell Technologies Partner Program consists of Authorized, Gold, Platinum and Titanium tiers. Each with their own revenue and training requirements. The training is actually a win-win proposition, as the more solution providers train, the more proficiency and expertise they gain. This enables them to propose more solutions and sell more products and services. By increasing training and revenues, solution providers are able to progress to higher tiers and in turn, receive more benefits. Best yet, these benefits are available to partners whether they purchase directly from Dell Technologies or through their Dell Technologies Authorized Distributor.

Partner profitability is at the core of the program structure

Dell Technologies places partner profitability at the core of the Dell Technologies Partner Program. Gold, Platinum and Titanium partners are eligible to earn lucrative rebates. Base rebates reward sales on all eligible lines of business from dollar one. Additional acquisition rebates are offered for bringing new customers or lines of business to Dell Technologies. There are also incentives to include services that will earn even more rewards.

An ongoing commitment to market development is key for revenue growth 

The Dell Technologies Partner Program offers two types of marketing development

Funds (MDF) including earned and proposal based MDF. Earned MDF rewards qualified (Platinum and Titanium) partners with predictable funding, which is accrued based on revenue / rates based on type and tier. Proposal-based MDF represents incremental discretionary funds provided to metal partners based on strategic proposals aligned to regional sales and marketing priorities. Both funds serve to support a breadth of marketing activities.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this series where we will explain partner relationships and how best to work with the Dell Technologies Partner Program. 

Learn more about the Dell Technologies Partner Program here.

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