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Top 3 Tips to Help Customers Drive Innovation in the Data Era

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Every organization today needs to be digital – powered by data and ready to take on anything. As a solution provider, you can help accelerate your customers’ capabilities with proven technology solutions that they can rely on to address the realities of the data era. 
The business benefits of innovating with data
The numbers don’t lie. According to an ESG survey of 500 IT decision makers, modernizing data management and leveraging emerging technologies are critical to creating new value with data. Doing this successfully results in four clear advantages:
86% improved uptime and IT predictability
83% improved customer experience
81% improved regulatory compliance
81% improved product quality
The importance of data isn’t new
What has changed, though, is the increased amount of data and how organizations are now using emerging technologies to rapidly unlock meaningful business intelligence. 
To help your customers create value from data they must first modernize their infrastructure with a consistent, As-a-Service operating model across everywhere that data exists. You can also modernize their data pipelines across every stage of the data lifecycle and modernize their innovation process, culture, and platforms.
3 tips to help customers drive innovation in the data era 
To help drive innovation in the data era for your customers, it’s important to focus on these key areas:
1. Help customers prepare to meet data where it lives by modernizing infrastructure
Help businesses connect people, things, and systems. 
Enable customers to find their edge, where data lives.
Show customers how they can bring the benefits of private and public cloud to the edge.
2. Optimize the flow of data by modernizing customers’ data pipelines
Enable customers to manage the lifecycle of their data from cradle to grave.
Empower organizations to take their decision-making beyond human scale.
Help transform security into an innovation accelerator.
3. Help organizations create what end customers crave by modernizing their innovation process
Modernize how they design and build digital products.
Deliver better software to production, continuously.
Help customers acquire the digital innovation skills they need for success in the data era.
Become the trusted partner that drives essential business transformation for your customers
Show new and existing customers that you can be a trusted partner for all their technology needs – help them to achieve more, in less time and with less effort.
Learn more about how to innovate with data with Dell Technologies.  
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