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We are living in a hybrid cloud world: These are the services that partners must now consider for today’s customer

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There is no denying the value provided in a consumption-based, as-a-Service model. Today’s forward-looking customers are wanting to implement this new service model not only as a means for reducing capital expenditure, but to also help release their staff from day-to-day management tasks, whereupon they can instead focus on matters related to helping grow the business. 

The value of this hybrid cloud model is its ability to deliver elastic storage services managed through a single management console, delivered with predictable OpEx-driven financial models. The challenge for many customers, though, is where and how to start the move to as-a-Service for their IT needs.

This is where Dell Technologies APEX Cloud Services comes in; APEX Cloud Services delivers an easily implementable as-a-Service experience with an on-prem governance solution that many customers need.  

With the guidance of their trusted partner, customers can leverage APEX to bridge the gap between the modern benefits of a cloud model with the practical benefits of on-prem infrastructure. What’s more, clear price terms that are billed monthly help ease a customer’s billing motion from CapEx to OpEx.

APEX Cloud Services comes in two primary flavors:

APEX Hybrid Cloud, which is built on VMware Cloud Foundation and allows complete automation as well as workload orchestration across a customer’s total cloud environment.

APEX Private Cloud, based on VMware vSphere Enterprise Plus and VMware VSAN, which can best be described as more of an entry-level approach to infrastructure-as-a-service.

APEX Cloud Services can be managed by the customer or a partner on behalf of their customer via the APEX Console, a cloud-hosted management platform built to support the procurement, deployment, and health monitoring of a customer’s deployed APEX solutions.

Dell partners can continue to deliver specialty services that provide the outcomes their customers want in their consumption-based solutions. Partners understand what is important to their customers and can help for example, with upfront planning via consulting services to design a solution that fits each customer’s specific needs.  Migration services help customers transition from their existing solution to one that has the data they need when they need it.

The cost and management benefits provided by APEX combined with the expertise and skill provided by their partner helps remove barriers like time, cost and complication around digital transformation for customers.

To learn more, visit Dell Technologies Partner Services page.

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