Today’s end-users expect to be able to work from anywhere. This has resulted in the hyper-distributed world quickly becoming the new normal for the modern enterprise – whether they’re ready for it or not.

You can help your customers benefit from this trend by creating simpler access points to the services, data, and applications they need – wherever and however they need them, across multiple clouds. And you can do this by educating them on the dynamic range of as-a-Service offerings and turnkey experiences within the Dell Technologies portfolio, which helps you, the solution provider, align the right technology with your customers’ innovation goals, equipping them with the forward-looking solution they need to succeed.

Seize the opportunity to simplify multi-cloud complexity

As the hyper-distributed world becomes more of a reality, customers want an open cloud ecosystem that works together – not a closed, boxed-in approach that discourages interoperability or stifles innovation and productivity. You can help your customers cut through the noise and complexity of managing multi-cloud environments with Dell Technologies APEX as-a-Service solutions.

APEX as-a-Service solutions offer the simplified experience customers are craving – for easier IT operations, reduced risk, accelerated time-to-value and business outcomes. As a solution provider, you can enhance APEX offerings with your own value-added specialty services to further simplify IT management and accelerate business results.

The technology and support you need to drive customer innovation

With the power of Dell Technologies behind you, you can stop at nothing to equip your customers with the forward-looking IT strategies they need to drive and support innovation. Help customers take advantage of an efficient, unified cloud environment and an as-a-Service model with the cost predictability and performance of flexible consumption offered by Dell Technologies. With APEX, Dell will equip you with all the choices you need to deliver multi-cloud by design – and on your customers’ terms.

Have a look at some of the offerings:

APEX Cloud Services includes:

APEX Cloud Services with VMware Cloud

APEX Private and Hybrid Clouds

APEX Data Storage Services

APEX Backup Services

APEX Cyber Recovery Services

APEX Custom Solutions includes:

APEX Flex On Demand

APEX Data Center Utility

Secure recurring revenue from as-a-Service solutions

As if providing the ability to simplify your customers’ IT operations with a portfolio of world-class solutions isn’t enough, as a Dell partner, you can enjoy recurring revenue streams, too, including those from your own value-added specialty services, as you help organizations optimize their multi-cloud environments with flexible IT that accelerates business results while spreading the investment via a cost-effective OpEx consumption model.

Selling Dell Technologies APEX solutions is a win:win for you and your customers. To learn more about the portfolio, and how you stand to profit from it, visit here, and to find out Dell Technologies can enable you to help customers to harness multi-cloud on their terms simply visit here.



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