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You Pay for What You Use with APEX Flex on Demand

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In today’s fast-moving digital world, flexible, on demand technologies offer several advantages over traditional solutions, key among them being the ability to assign resources as appropriate, when demand is high or temporary resources are needed. 
Don’t take our word for it, the numbers speak for themselves: According to IDC, 79% of customers want all-in-one pay-per-use bundles that include equipment, software, services and maintenance ¹. What’s more, Gartner has reported that 15% of new deployments of on-prem computing will involve pay-per-use pricing by 2022, up from less than 1% in 2019. 
A new era of support 
We all experienced challenging times during the last 18 months:  businesses facing global economic uncertainty, IT budget pressures, non- linear Infrastructure requirements, unanticipated growth etc… It also brought forward new opportunities for an accelerated digital transformation for the entire IT ecosystem supporting customers in their transition and Solution Providers have a major role to play.
More than ever, organizations have workloads and data that require elastic capacity. As such, they stand to benefit greatly from consumption-based models that charge for on demand usage. Among some of the key benefits associated with consumption-based technology, partners can focus on helping customers to shorten acquisition cycle of most innovative solutions, while better aligning cost with actual usage. Consumption-based payment model also drastically improves agility, performance and communication across all customer departments as the solutions can be scaled and deployed quickly, delivering immediate customer value.
Additionally, when these services are combined together and a company pays only for what they use, it can free up budget for other projects.
Dell Technologies offers APEX Flex on Demand
As a leader in today’s innovative solutions, Dell Technologies offers APEX Flex on Demand for elastic capacity and pay for use solutions. Dell’s metered payment solution is already enabled by Dell Financial Services and available immediately in many countries²: 
APEX Flex on Demand provides customers with a monthly invoice that reflects their actual use of committed services and buffer capacity during the billing period. They can scale up and down within the available buffer capacity. This flexibility allows them to easily manage unpredictable growth, workload bursts, and temporary changes in IT infrastructure requirements. APEX Flex on Demand already covers the entire portfolio including storage, data protection, servers, Hyperconverged infrastructure and Dell professional Services.
How does APEX Flex on Demand benefit the client?
There are several advantages for the company that engages with the APEX Flex on Demand program, chief among them being these three key features: 
1) Pay-per-use economics 
You can plan monthly payment for hardware and services with predictable rates for term, avoid over-provisioning, long procurement cycles and large upfront capital outlays.
2) Choice and flexibility
You can choose custom or standard configuration and have the ability to select your term and capacity commit, your professional services, your capacity expansion and the end of term options.
3) Reduce cost of IT infrastructure 
You pay for buffer only when used, you can deploy more capacity for less than purchase and the cost of committed and buffer usage may be less than purchase.
How can APEX Flex on Demand benefit the solution provider?
Dell partners can potentially realize the following benefits: 
As APEX Flex on Demand helps to accelerate the digital transformation journey, it offers the partner community the ability to unlock additional revenue with their value-add, increase their margin benefits by growing their opportunities. Solution providers can play a major role in assessing and supporting their customers by helping them optimize their costs, resources and performance.
Dell Technologies offers two options for the partner community with lucrative incentives to leverage APEX Flex on Demand as a way to shift smoothly to as a Service business model: 
Referral option:  Metal-Tier Solution Providers refer the opportunity of APEX Flex on Demand deal to Dell Technologies and they become eligible for the APEX Flex on Demand Incentive through referral. 
Resell option: When they resell APEX Flex on Demand, partners manage the customer relationship and they assume administrative responsibility. They can integrate their services to enhance the total customer solution and add their value. All partners can resell APEX Flex on Demand opportunities through specific distribution programs and Titanium Partners can resell directly.
Help your clients choose a combination of cost and flexibility that is right for their business. Get started by engaging with your Dell Technologies or Dell Financial Services account manager. Learn more here

¹- IDC WW Quarterly Purpose-Built Backup Appliance Tracker, 2020Q1, June 9, 2020 – Vendor Revenue​ 


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