The potent combination of a global pandemic, fluctuating economic forces and a growing hybrid workforce can feel daunting. But amidst all this uncertainty, your customers still need to innovate -- whether it be to drive cost savings and business efficiencies or open new revenue streams to grow their businesses. That’s why Dell Technologies is empowering partners to help organizations accelerate how they turn their ideas into innovation outcomes.

Accelerating From Ideas To Innovation is all about how you can partner with Dell Technologies to help your customers navigate uncertainty with technology innovation. That’s why Dell created the Dell Technologies Innovation Index, a powerful snapshot of how businesses innovate despite unprecedented uncertainty. The Innovation Index identifies prevalent technology barriers and looks at ways to address them, starting with five conversations designed to help you uncover the barriers holding your customers back from achieving their innovation priorities:

Work and Innovate Everywhere

Barrier: Difficulties integrating the business architecture with the IT/OT infrastructure architecture. 

Dell Solution: Deploy intelligent devices, secure technologies and hybrid work solutions to simplify and modernize IT for seamless collaboration, productivity, and innovation everywhere.

Multicloud by design

Barrier: Time and money spent to migrate apps to new cloud environments.

Dell Solution: Best-in-class capabilities to streamline innovation, create competitive advantage and build resilience for the future, powered by Dell APEX.

Modern Data Infrastructure

Barrier: Growing cloud costs.

Dell Solution: Modernize your data foundation to simplify complexity, supercharge productivity, and accelerate innovation across your distributed data landscape.

Simplify your Edge

Barrier: Lack of IT infrastructure to meet and process data at the edge.

Dell Solution: A unified approach at the edge to transform data into innovation opportunities and capitalize on real-time insights wherever your people and operations are. 


Barrier: Cybersecurity threats—can’t innovate with data and insecure edge devices.

Dell Solution: Overcome security complexity with scalable data protection across your entire environment, leading Zero Trust integration/orchestration and expert services—all run on a smart infrastructure.

Fast-forward to innovation

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