With cyberattacks increasing in both frequency and sophistication, customer organizations are vetting data protection strategies more than ever to safeguard their assets. In direct response to this, Dell Technologies recently expanded their data protection portfolio with new appliances, software, and as-a-Service offerings. These innovations immediately arm Dell partners with the tools necessary to deliver the cyber resilience and data protection customers are demanding across all their environments.
The 2024 Dell Global Data Protection Index survey clearly highlights this customer need. Fact: 75 percent of customer organizations believe their existing data protection measures are insufficient against ransomware threats. Furthermore, 69 percent lack confidence in their ability to recover from a cyberattack. This proves the urgent demand for advanced data protection solutions – and Dell has delivered.
New PowerProtect Data Domain Appliances Empowers Partners
Recognized for their reliability and performance, PowerProtect Data Domain appliances are the industry leading purpose-built backup appliance. They are the cornerstone of Dell’s cyber resilience foundation. One of the highlights of Dell’s expanded portfolio is the introduction of next-generation Data Domain appliances, including the DD9410 and DD9910. These appliances offer enhanced performance, efficiency, and security by providing up to 38 percent faster backups and 44 percent faster restores.
The new appliances also offer greater efficiency with less power consumption. This means less heat and less cooling to contribute to your customers’ sustainability goals. Furthermore, with up to 65x deduplication, your customers can achieve significant cost savings by mitigating their cooling footprint. These appliances also feature powerful data immutability and integrity capabilities, such as helping ensure operational and cyber resilience for all your customers’ valuable data.
Partners and Customers Can Take Advantage of a Broad Ecosystem
Dell Technologies continues to support a broad ecosystem of data protection software that natively integrates with industry-leading Data Domain appliances. These benefits apply whether the data protection solution is based entirely on Dell products and software, or Data Domain plus third-party software. In either instance, Dell provides a one-stop experience for all customer organizations regardless of size. Best yet, this ecosystem enables partners to help customers maintain business continuity while reducing risk.
Dell is also introducing software enhancements in PowerProtect Data Manager. The focus on PowerProtect Data Manager innovation has contributed to more than a 100 percent increase in customers in 2023, thereby earning PowerProtect Data Manager #1 in customer satisfaction for the second year in a row in the latest NPS research.
As customers look to build their cyber resilient foundation, Dell Technologies is the trusted partner of choice for solution providers. Learn more about how innovative solutions like PowerProtect Data Domain appliances and PowerProtect Data Manager can protect customer data and ensure business continuity, and help you grow your security business in the process.

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