In Part 1 of this blog series, we explained the reasons why your customers should reevaluate their cybersecurity investments. In Part 2 here we unpack how you can help them to maximize this investment so that they can innovate successfully.
Today’s data-driven environment changes rapidly, and cyberattackers are exploiting the growing attack surface as soon as new vulnerabilities emerge. More and more, customer organizations are relying on distributed, multicloud computing models. As such, they must protect data across any and all clouds, and all workloads and devices. Yet this is a constant struggle if they’re racing to add security on top of their technology while having to navigate a fragmented security market that forces them to piece together a patchwork of solutions.
As a result, in an environment where cyberattacks are becoming increasingly prevalent and sophisticated, organizations are shifting their approach to cyber resilience — the ability to prevent, withstand and recover from cyberattacks. Dell Technologies, together with Intel, addresses these challenges by supporting cyber resilience with holistic, integrated and intelligent security solutions. These solutions reduce risk with embedded security features, protect data anywhere it resides and enable fast recovery after a cybersecurity incident. 
Aligned with Zero Trust principles, Dell Technologies solutions help streamline organizations’ path toward this new security paradigm. In addition, the robust and reliable supply chain security practices followed by Dell Technologies and Intel ensure that organizations can rely on resilient solutions that have multiple integrated layers of security built in. This assurance is especially valued in the modern connected world and at a time when supply chain attacks are on the rise.
Future-focused organizations innovate confidently with security that doesn’t get in the way of workflows or collaboration — and with solutions that are as simple as they need them to be. Building cyber resilience is not only a defensive measure, but also an offensive strategy for innovation. By investing in cyber resilience, organizations can unlock their potential, achieve their goals and realize a return on an investment that pays off in the long run.
Find out more here about how you can help your customers to invest in their security environments wisely so that they realize the best ROI while unleashing innovation.

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