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A smart way to build out your edge computing practice

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A vast majority of today’s end users are overwhelmed with trying to harness the avalanche of data they are encountering. They are quickly coming to the realization that the traditional datacenter - even in the cloud, cannot process the data that is streaming into the enterprise. This is due to data coming in from a variety of areas and locations, much of it from mobile and unstructured sources. Some data is useless. Other data becomes richer and much more valuable when combined with historical data and analyzed for deeper insights. To make this happen, data must be securely collected, processed, and analyzed at the edge. 
The challenge for most end users is that they lack the in-house talent, experience, and know-how to build the necessary edge computing environment. This presents an enormous market opportunity for Solution Providers and Integrators.
End user enterprise build outs at the edge demand experienced Tech Providers
The fact is that end user customers are looking to Solution Providers and Integrators to lead the charge by collaborating with their IT and business leaders to provide edge computing configurations that help them in three key areas.
• System-wide: Customers want to break down older siloed implementations. This will eliminate shadow and rogue IT by avoiding the need to support solutions after they’ve already been adopted by lines of business.
• Prescriptive: Prepackaged offerings won’t work for edge computing build outs. End users need enterprise tech experts to guide them through the challenges at the edge with a purpose-built combination of solutions that are engineered for the edge.
• Value-accelerated: Enterprises must transition from reactive to proactive. They know and accept this. They also recognize that they need help deploying applications, operating infrastructure, and managing data across the full scope of the enterprise.
Put your edge to work with Dell Technologies edge solutions
Dell Technologies is one of the only vendors with a complete portfolio of
enterprise-grade technology that can help you extend a consistent operating
model to your customers, from the core to the cloud to the edge. 
The new Dell EMC PowerEdge servers powered by AMD are the perfect high-performance server line – and one that has been reimagined for edge computing. The PowerEdge server portfolio with AMD EPYC provides the necessary balanced ecosystem to help your customers achieve the very best business results by delivering the ultimate edge computing environment.
Learn more about how you can give your customers their best edge by visiting here 
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