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Accelerate your customers’ business agility with a server refresh

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Technology refreshes have become a fairly common practice nowadays. Whether it’s a phone, television, laptop, or some other device, updating to a newer, faster, more efficient model has become second nature. 

However, when an enterprise needs to refresh their servers, they can often be resistant to change. Relying on dated server tech can cost a company operationally as well as fiscally, especially when you consider the fact that data is the new capital. 

As a solution provider, you need to ask yourself – are your customers’ current servers helping them tap into their true potential?

Four reasons why your customers should refresh their servers

When your customers agree to refreshing their servers, they’ll start seeing near instant results, including:

1. Reduced IT infrastructure costs: A server’s operating costs in years 4-6 are 10x higher than the initial acquisition cost of the server. Maintaining shorter, consistent refresh cycles helps lower infrastructure-related costs, including maintenance, power, and facilities, by up to 61%.*

2. Lower IT staff time and costs: A server in year six requires 181% more staff time to manage as compared to year one. Three-year server refresh cycles can reduce the time and money spent on managing tactical provisioning, operations, and break-fix activities by 59%.*

3. Improved staff productivity: Reduction in unplanned outages in turn cuts productivity losses by 78% over three years.*

4. Better business results: Organizations have the potential to realize over $123,000 in additional revenue per server, per year by taking advantage of the higher performance, improved agility, and greater scalability of new servers.*

Wherever your customers are in their server refresh journey, Dell Technologies has the leading converged, cloud, storage, and server solutions necessary to accelerate innovation, drive real results, and help them compete to win. 

Different servers to serve every customer’s need

To accommodate your customers’ every need, Dell offers a wide portfolio of server options, including: 

Tower Servers

PowerEdge tower servers are designed to solve the challenges of the modern office environment by providing quiet, centralized processing in a compact space. All tower servers are easily implemented, managed, and automated.

Rack Servers

PowerEdge rack servers deliver high performance to a diverse set of workloads. They are ideal for companies that already have a data center structure and want to expand. These servers combine a highly scalable architecture and are the ideal balance between computing and memory.

Modular Infrastructure

The PowerEdge modular portfolio allows you to easily tailor, deploy, and manage your customer’s infrastructure while also lowering their overall operating costs. Help create a future-ready data center with easily expandable compute, networking, and storage solutions.

APEX Cloud Services

APEX Cloud Services offer integrated compute, storage, networking, and virtualization resources that enable consistent, secure infrastructure and operations for your workloads across public and private clouds. With a simple way to order and manage cloud resources, you can now easily build the cloud of your customer’s choice with solutions tailored for their most pressing business needs.

A server refresh today can lead to a more sustainable future

By helping customers refresh their servers, Dell supports their sustainability goals through the power of newer technologies designed to reduce waste, energy, and emissions. 

Take a closer look, encouraging your customers to engage with a tech refresh program can help them meet sustainability goals. This is achieved by replacing outdated equipment – which likely isn’t operating at peak performance – and replacing it with new technology that creates a positive impact on the environment. The old hardware is then refurbished, remarketed, or otherwise recycled in a secure and transparent manner for peace of mind.

Get started today

Ultimately, the goal of a server refresh – or any technology refresh, really – is to evolve to meet future business needs in a way that maintains security and minimizes disruption to customers, workforce, and business operations. 

To help your customers simplify, manage, and transform their storage and server technologies, check out the Tech Refresh page on the Dell Technologies website.

* Results based on a study of 14 global organizations conducted by IDC and commissioned by Dell EMC, “Accelerate Business Agility with Faster Server Refresh Cycles,” May 2017.



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