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Dell EMC HPC Solutions can get you and your customers in the game quickly and easily

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High performance computing (HPC) has been in use for decades. It has served as a powerful and productive platform for scientists, researchers, and academics for some time now. Thanks to recent rapid advancements in processing power and connectivity, along with ever increasing new sources of real‑time information, HPC has become more accessible to every enterprise regardless of size of the organization and across all industries. 

Simply put, HPC is enabling the rapid adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced data analytics in multiple industries across a broad array of use cases. As a result, the coalescence of HPC, AI and data analytics is driving opportunities to break new ground, make important discoveries and solve some of the most important challenges organizations are facing today.

Dell Technologies has the right expertise to help you build and grow your HPC practice

Dell Technologies has the scalable and flexible solutions set that has been specifically designed to help you to enable your customers to gain valuable insights and solve complex problems faster than ever before. In fact, they are one of the only companies in the world with a portfolio for HPC, AI and data analytics that includes workstations, servers, networking, storage, rack systems and services. Additionally, Dell Technologies HPC experts are part of a worldwide technical community that is actively dedicated to advancing HPC. 

With HPC technology evolving so quickly, customers’ IT teams most likely do not have the resources to design, deploy and manage solution stacks optimized for HPC. This is a golden opportunity for solution providers to step in and help their customers out. The best way for solution providers to hit the ground running in this regard is to align themselves with a proven partner - one knows and understands everything about the HPC space.

Dell Technologies has been a leader in the advanced computing space for over a decade. They have a team of HPC, AI and data analytics experts who are dedicated to staying on the cutting edge by testing new technologies and tuning solutions to applications to help keep pace with a constantly evolving landscape. With years of experience and an ecosystem of curated technology and service partners, Dell Technologies provides the right technology to reduce complexity and help you empower customers to capitalize on a universe of data.

Dell EMC Ready Solutions for HPC

Dell Technologies EMC Ready Solutions gives every enterprise access to HPC, enabling partners to assist any small and medium size company to accelerate adoption of HPC. These domain‑specific configurations are designed, validated, and tuned by HPC engineers and workload/application experts. Dell EMC Ready Solutions are workload‑optimized rack‑level systems with servers, software, networking, storage, and services purposely designed to scale faster with the confidence of an engineering‑tested solution, while saving valuable time and resources.

To learn more about how you can build and grow your HPC business visit here

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