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Dell Technologies CloudIQ now supports Dell EMC PowerEdge and PowerSwitch to Achieve End-to-End Infrastructure Monitoring and Analytics

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Artificial Intelligence for Operations (AIOps) is a more recent solution being adopted by IT ops teams. In short, it refers to the use of AI/ML (machine learning) software that analyzes collected data points from an IT system to notify you if it operating within or outside optimal limits for things like overall system health, performance, resource capacity, and to provide recommendations and/or trigger automation for corrective actions.  
To extend  the benefits of this solution to a broader customer base, Dell Technologies has expanded CloudIQ support of Dell EMC products to include its PowerEdge servers and PowerSwitch networking gear. This helps improve server administrators’ productivity by consolidating information from  multiple OpenManage Enterprise consoles for PowerEdge servers into a single CloudIQ user interface. Likewise, CloudIQ also helps improve network administrators’ productivity by monitoring all PowerSwitch switches in a single user interface.     . 
With the added support for servers and Ethernet switches, CloudIQ now monitors Dell’s entire IT infrastructure product portfolio (servers, storage, data protection, and network systems , thereby setting the stage for delivering new end-to-end infrastructure insights, new levels of automation for autonomous operations, and significantly faster time to resolution to all customers.
How does CloudIQ benefit your customers?
There are plenty of benefits to incorporating CloudIQ into your customer’s PowerEdge solution, all of which can be summarized in these four key sell points:
1. Improved Productivity |  See the health status and alerts   for Dell EMC systems across all sites and recommendations for all systems in a single user interface to prioritize and take actions, and speed time to resolution. 
2. Reduced Risk | Get proactively notified about changes on system health and the details to identify, diagnose, and resolve system health issues before they begin to impact the  business. 
3. The Ability to Plan Ahead | Empower your customers with the ability to monitor compute resources like CPU, memory, and I/O to better anticipate future needs and avoid bottlenecks. 
4. The Accessibility of a Cloud-based Portal | Eliminate the need to maintain monitoring software because CloudIQ is hosted on Dell’s secure cloud and get continuous and seamless access to new features as Dell engineering centrally updates CloudIQ web servers. 
AIOps to support modern IT infrastructure needs
CloudIQ combines proactive monitoring, machine learning, and predictive analytics to address application needs across the core, edge, and cloud. Given this incredible versatility, CloudIQ can support a broad range of Dell Technologies products, including: 
Servers (PowerEdge)
Storage (PowerStore, PowerMax, PowerScale, PowerVault, Unity, Unity XT, XtremIO, and SC Series), Data protection (PowerProtect DD and PowerProtect Data Manager)
Converged and hyperconverged infrastructure (VxBlock, VxRail, and PowerFlex) 
Networking (PowerSwitch for Ethernet/Connectrix for SAN)
CloudIQ also monitors data protection in public clouds based on Dell’s PowerProtect and storage-as-a-Service based on Dell’s APEX Data Storage Services.
It’s also worth noting that CloudIQ can integrate with third-party tools like ServiceNow, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Ansible and vRealize. CloudIQ APIs can provide notifications, data and recommendations to other popular tools to speed troubleshooting, create service tickets, escalate actions, and trigger automation to speed time-to-resolution of problems. 
Connect your customers with CloudIQ today
CloudIQ can add tremendous value to customers’ businesses today.  A recent customer survey indicated that CloudIQ speeds time to resolution by 2X to 10X and saves IT administrators an average 9 hours per week. Looking ahead, Dell has stated it will continue to enhance it with innovative AIOps features.    
Your customers’ IT ops teams will value the simplicity of having one UI and a single source of system notifications and recommended actions, real-time reports, and AI/ML-driven analytics for their entire fleet of Dell systems across all locations.
Learn more about CloudIQ for PowerEdge Servers. 
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