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Powering the Ever-Increasing Demands Created by Customer Workloads Today

Drive database acceleration for your customers’ business-critical applications with a powerful, four-socket server

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As a solution provider, modernizing your customers’ IT infrastructure can help drive innovation and improve reliability and security. It also helps them stay competitive in their respective industry. 

With the emerging adoption of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), as well as growth in high-performance computing (HPC) and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), solution providers are dealing with added complexity when it comes to data center operations. This is becoming especially true as workforces grow globally and remotely, and demanding use cases becoming more mainstream. 

Fortunately, there is a solution with Dell PowerEdge four-socket server and storage platforms, which empower you to help your customers modernize their data center to handle any workload with no-compromise scalability, intelligent automation, and integrated security. Let’s take a closer look.

Serving as a reliable foundation for mission-critical business applications

Built from the ground up to effortlessly handle today’s data-intensive workloads, Dell’s PowerEdge servers coupled with OpenManage systems management deliver a tangible difference for enterprises of all sizes:

·       Support business agility and ­flexibility with high density and seamless scalability

·       Benefit from integrated security that protects their infrastructure and business

·       Increase productivity with embedded intelligence and automation

·       Maximize performance with the latest generation of products

·       Reduce costs with improved operational and energy efficiencies

Data insights convert into visual decision-making 

Dell PowerEdge four-socket servers are built to accelerate traditional data sets as well as deliver AI, ML, VDI, and high-performance compute solutions with powerful GPU accelerators.

These servers help to consolidate more databases, database operations, virtualized servers, and applications onto fewer platforms, and serve more virtual users with four-socket servers. And when you you’re your customers consolidate, you are also helping them reduce the need for smaller servers, as well as space needs and often, power and cooling, all while increasing density.

Quick snapshot: The Dell PowerEdge accelerated server portfolio

PowerEdge R840: Turbocharge data analytics

The R840 is optimized to tackle workloads where a balance of compute and low latency local storage (NVMe drives) performance is important. 

·       Maximize performance 

·       Automate everyday tasks

·       Fortify the data center

PowerEdge R940: Deliver uncompromised performance

The R940 is optimized to tackle traditional workloads where large local storage and a high memory footprint is required. 

·       Deliver fast results 

·       Scale capacity 

·       Simplify management

PowerEdge R940xa: Built for extreme acceleration

The R940xa is optimized to tackle workloads that are compute-intensive by using CPU RAM to move data into GPU RAM for faster computation.

·       Accelerate applications 

·       Scale dynamically 

·       Streamline IT operations

PowerEdge MX840c: A composable, modular compute solution

MX840c is optimized to provide scale-up for exceptionally demanding use cases, with reliable performance and a rich set of storage options. 

·       Maximize responsiveness and scalability

·       Streamline deployment and management

·       Deliver lifecycle protection and longevity

Empower your customers with the benefits of a powerful, four-socket server

Dell’s PowerEdge four-socket servers are designed to serve as the foundation of mission-critical, resilient platforms, providing superb performance, ample memory, and expansion fl­exibility, along with a secure, trusted infrastructure optimized for demanding applications and accelerated business outcomes. 

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