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Powering the Ever-Increasing Demands Created by Customer Workloads Today

Grow your server revenues as you turbocharge your customers’ data analytics

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Every organization today is racing to gain more value from their data. As more and more users are creating increased amounts of data, this becomes even more challenging. This is precisely why the Dell PowerEdge R840 has been purpose built to address, and specifically overcome these challenges.
Designed to drive faster insights, the PowerEdge R840 delivers four-socket performance in a dense 2U design. Now you can help deliver the power required to drive your customers’ business-critical workloads with up to 24 direct-attached NVMe drives.
Maximize performance for your customers’ demanding workloads 
The R840 delivers consistent, high-performance results for data-intensive applications and data analytic workloads. With powerful processors and up to 112 cores, the R840 can quickly turn analytics into insights to drive mission critical business forward faster. Create an optimal configuration of NVMe, SSD, HDD and GPU resources to address your customers’ most demanding workloads - all in a 2U chassis. 
• Scale capacity and performance with up to 26 2.5” HDDs and SSDs, 62% more than the previous generations.
• Accelerate applications with up to 2 double-width GPUs or up to 2 FPGAs.
• Speed data transfers with a fully integrated ultra path interconnect across all four sockets.
• Eliminate bottlenecks with up to 48 DIMMs, including up to 24 PMems or 12 NVDIMMs. 
Help customers automate everyday tasks with Dell OpenManage 
The Dell OpenManage portfolio helps deliver peak efficiency for PowerEdge server customers by delivering intelligent, automated management of routine tasks. Combined with unique agent-free management capabilities, the R840 is easy to manage - and by doing routine work automatically, your customers can free up time for higher-value projects. 
• Unify monitoring and management of your customers’ IT infrastructure with OpenManage Enterprise.
• Utilize a variety of OpenManage integrations and connections to take advantage of existing IT management platforms.
• Take advantage of QuickSync 2 capabilities and gain access to servers easily through a phone or tablet.
Safeguard your customers’ data centers with built-in security 
Every PowerEdge server is made with a cyber-resilient architecture, which delivers security into all parts of a server’s life cycle. The R840 uses these new security features so customers can reliably and securely deliver the right data to where workers are, no matter where they are. Dell Technologies considers each part of system security, from design to end of life, to ensure trust and deliver worry-free systems. 
Rely on a secure component supply chain to ensure protection from factory to the data center. 
Maintain data safety with cryptographically signed firmware packages and Secure Boot. 
Protect servers from malicious malware with iDRAC9 Server Lockdown mode (requires Enterprise or Datacenter license) 
Wipe all data from storage media including hard drives, SSDs and system memory quickly and securely with System Erase. 
Speedy access to applications 
If your customers have hundreds of power users opening and saving Excel documents, watching videos, checking email, and reviewing PDFs simultaneously—this barrage of CPU- and storage-centric activities can bog down lesser servers. This can directly affect productivity as power users struggle to complete tasks. A recent VMware View Planner benchmark determined that the Dell PowerEdge R840 supported 230 VDI sessions with acceptable response times in both CPU- and storage-centric tasks. 
Find out how you can provide your customers with the ability to support many virtual desktop power users while also delivering acceptable session response times – and keep their workforce more productive using fewer servers by visiting here.
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