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Help Your Customers Achieve Faster Business Outcomes With Dell APEX Compute

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You might soon find (if you haven’t already) that your customers are headed toward a digital transformation that shrugs off the old CAPEX model in favor of a more innovative, more flexible OpEx treatment. When that time comes, you can help them modernize their businesses with Dell APEX Compute powered by Dell PowerEdge. 
Dell’s subscription-based as-a-Service solutions are a smart way to grow your business. Now, you can offer your customers scalable and secure bare metal computer resources that enable them to pay only for what they need and scale quickly as their business grows. 
Dell APEX Compute can be deployed to your customer’s on-premises data center and edge locations. Or, they can choose to engage a colocation partner. Either way, the deployment can be completed in as few as 28 days, putting your customer on the right track to achieving faster business outcomes. 
APEX = worry-free IT
You and your customer will have expert help from day one. Dell APEX Compute includes invaluable support from a dedicated Customer Success Manager. That means that, in addition to your valuable services, your customers will have a trusted Dell advisor to ensure every stage of their transformation is completed as quickly and efficiently as possible. 
The entire system is designed to empower your customers. That includes giving them ownership of vital tasks, including monitoring capacity utilization, infrastructure management, and resource optimization. The result is the control they need to launch their businesses to the next level.
Dell APEX offers an array of node types designed to form a unique solution that fits each customer perfectly. Your customers can choose from four distinct node types:
1.    Compute Optimized: For mainstream web servers and media encoding servers.
2.    General Purpose: Designed for general compute and AI inference-optimized workloads.
3.    Memory Optimized: A VDI performance-optimized configuration with a 16GB memory-to-core ratio used for video encoding/decoding and AI training and inference.
4.    Large-scale Optimized: A 32GB memory-to-core ratio makes this node type ideal for high-performance computing, large AI training and inference, and big data analytics. 
Dell APEX Compute is the most innovative, most cost-effective way to deploy secure bare metal resources. Learn more about how to customize this solution to empower your customers. To get started, visit the Dell APEX Discovery Center today.
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