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Today's intelligent enterprises are being driven by the power of data. These companies harness all data—wherever it may live—to turn insight into action. 
Helping accelerate the success of these companies are the Dell PowerEdge 4-socket servers, which are quickly proving to be the bedrock of the modern data center. Built from the ground up to effortlessly handle today’s data-intensive workloads, PowerEdge servers and efficient Dell OpenManage systems management deliver a demonstrable difference for organizations of all sizes:
Support business agility and flexibility
Benefit from integrated security
Increase productivity
Maximize performance
Reduce costs
Drive a faster time-to-value for daily workloads 
To help your customer drive faster time-to-value from their workloads requires optimized approaches that complement their existing operational strategy. 
The Dell PowerEdge 4 socket server and storage platforms provide a broad portfolio of cloud-enabled virtual infrastructure foundations for providing end-to-end optimization of demanding workloads, including, but not limited to, SAP, Microsoft SQL, and Oracle.
Deliver uncompromising performance
Here, it is worth focusing on the Dell PowerEdge R940, which is designed to power mission-critical applications that provide data for real-time decisions. With four sockets and up to 12 NVMe drives, the scalable business architecture of the Dell PowerEdge R940 can support demanding, critical workloads. 
The PowerEdge R940 server also minimizes configuration time by providing automatic tuning for many workloads. With support for up to 15.36 TB of memory and 13 PCIe® Gen 3 slots, the Dell PowerEdge R940 has significant resources to improve application performance and scale to meet future demands.
Ideal workloads include in-memory database like SAP HANA, business applications like CRM or ERP, SQL databases, or dense virtualization.
For extreme acceleration needs, there is also the PowerEdge R940xa, which is optimized to tackle workloads that are compute-intensive by using CPU RAM to move data into GPU RAM for faster computation. Additional benefits include:
Accelerated applications
The ability to scale dynamically
Streamlined IT operations
Ideal workloads include GPU database acceleration, artificial intelligence, machine learning, SAP HANA, and next gen sequencing.
Get your customers started today
Dell PowerEdge four-socket servers deliver the foundation of mission-critical, resilient platforms while providing superb performance, ample memory, and expansion flexibility, along with a secure, trusted infrastructure optimized for demanding applications and accelerated business outcomes.
Help your customers realize the true power of their data. 
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