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How a server refresh can deliver more intelligent collaboration and greater innovation for your customers

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The digital landscape has transformed considerably in recent years. Data-driven workloads now require modernized infrastructure outfitted with advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and more.

There are plenty of benefits, opportunities, and reasons for you to have the “now’s the time for a tech refresh” conversation with your customers. Not only will it help them gain the flexibility, speed, and control needed to accelerate digital transformation and meet growth demands, but it’ll also help to strengthen your relationships going forward.

A key tenet of the tech refresh concept is a server refresh, as it will increase a customer’s operational agility, improve efficiency, and reduce overall costs. Let’s take a closer look at why and how.

4 reasons why your customers should consider a server refresh 

When you speak to your customers about their digital transformation and the opportunities that a tech refresh presents to them, make sure to talk about refreshing their servers to start seeing real results.

Here are four key points you can bring up to help move the conversation forward: 

1. Reduce IT infrastructure costs | A server’s operating costs in years 4-6 are 10x higher than the initial acquisition cost of the server. Maintaining shorter, consistent refresh cycles helps lower infrastructure-related costs, including maintenance, power, and facilities, by up to 61%.

2. Lower IT staff time and costs | A server in year six requires 181% more staff time to manage as compared to year one. Three-year server refresh cycles can reduce the time and money spent on managing tactical provisioning, operations, and break-fix activities by 59%.

3. Improve employee productivity | Reduction in unplanned outages cuts productivity losses by 78% over three years.

4. Boost business results | Organizations have the potential to realize over $123,000 in additional revenue per server, per year by taking advantage of the higher performance, improved agility, and greater scalability of new servers.

How you can deliver more intelligent collaboration and accelerate innovation to your customers

Enterprises that embrace digital transformation and build IT environments with newer servers help their organizations be more efficient and deliver more on the bottom line for their business. 

Modernizing your customers’ IT infrastructure with best-in-class Dell PowerEdge servers is a smart way to start your customer’s digital Transformation. From entry-level to enterprise-grade, Dell has the leading converged, cloud, storage, and server solutions to: 

·       Maximize Data: When your customers have the right servers in place, they can better harness the power of data and make decisions faster than ever.

·       Automate Workloads: Refreshing a customer’s server technology provides ease of manageability along with time and resource savings. 

·       Optimize Security: When your customers are outfitted with newer servers and modern operating systems, their data center will be equipped with integrated security features designed to provide safety and defense at every turn.

·       Improve performance: Your customers will enjoy the added benefit of being able to leverage the latest versions of applications, thereby expanding their capabilities and performance for better outcomes and improved performance.

Ready to refresh your customer’s servers with Dell Technologies? Learn more about Tech Refresh with Dell Technologies.

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