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How Dell EMC PowerEdge servers can serve as an innovation engine for today’s enterprising companies

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In order to succeed in today’s ever-evolving digital landscape, companies need their IT team to not only serve as a means of internal support, but also the innovation engine that enables true digital transformation – one that is adaptive, autonomous, and proactive. 
As a solution provider, you can help your clients create their own customized innovation engine from a single, reliable resource with Dell Technologies and the power of its next-gen Dell EMC PowerEdge servers.  
Designed to support IT leaders with their company’s unique digital transformation needs, the server-based solutions delivered by Dell Technologies can help today’s enterprising companies adapt to evolving business demands by harnessing valuable data, leveraging intelligence and automation, and building in proactive resilience measures to protect against tomorrow’s cyber threats. 
Key features include:
Adaptive compute: Companies that rely on the power Dell’s EMC PowerEdge servers enjoy the benefits of purpose-built systems and software specially engineered with the latest advancements across processor, memory, networking, and storage technologies. This helps deliver reliable, real-time advantages in data collection, accessibility, and analytics. 
Autonomous compute infrastructure: Dell EMC PowerEdge servers feature intelligent systems designed to deliver outcomes that can be easily aligned with a business’s priorities of growing, scaling, and evolving. For today’s IT leaders, this translates to less managing . . . and more innovating. 
Proactive resilience: Proactive security and resilience are a key feature of Dell EMC PowerEdge server-based solutions. Not only does this ensure constant, secure interactions, it also helps anticipate potential threats. Included at the start of concept design, this is a feature that can be counted on through the supply chain and all throughout the entire lifecycle. 
Gone are the days of a one-size-fits-all approach to IT infrastructure. Dell EMC PowerEdge servers deliver consistent, high performance across a range of applications from the edge to the core to the cloud.  
Help your clients adapt, scale, and grow in this new digital era by establishing an innovation engine as their IT foundation, and shift their digital transformation into high gear. Learn more by visiting here
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