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How Dell Technologies is helping partners make AI real for shared customers

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There isn’t an enterprise that is serious about doing business in the digital era that is not laser-focused on how they can best put AI to work. Companies today, more than ever need the technology that enables them to extract timely, accurate and valuable insights from their data. Yet according to IDC, while over 90% of new enterprise applications will embed AI by 2025, still only 14% of firms reported that they have deployed AI capabilities into widespread production. This massive gap between companies’ ability to move from proof of concept into full production suggests an enormous opportunity for solution providers and technology integrators to take advantage of.
Dell Technologies is committed to helping partners in delivering the power of AI to their shared customers. As such, they’re expanding their AI offerings to make hybrid cloud AI a reality. Their latest solutions are designed to complement their already expansive AI portfolio. This gives partners the multi‑cloud portability, compute power and scalability they need to be successful in building out multi‑cloud AI deployments for customers. 
A modern IT infrastructure for AI that’s easy to manage courtesy of Dell EMC OpenManage
Dell Technologies fine tunes their AI solution with powerful infrastructure management that keeps intelligence moving across hybrid clouds. The Dell EMC OpenManage systems management portfolio allows customers to master the complexity of their IT infrastructure with intuitive tools that have been purpose-built to work together. These tools quickly and easily deliver automated, repeatable processes based on their unique policies, thus enabling effortless management. A deeper look at OpenManage tells the story.
• OpenManage Mobile: Dell EMC OpenManage Mobile is a unique Android/iOS app that helps IT administrators track data center issues and respond rapidly to unexpected events. The app also leverages machine learning to identify a Dell EMC PowerEdge MX7000 chassis and then adds an overlay of health status for each component using augmented reality (AR) and includes an updated AR interface
• OpenManage Integration for VMware vCenter: Dell Technologies is one of only two vendors that support vSphere Lifecycle Manager. The integration plugs into your customer’s workflow so both the physical and virtual host information can be viewed from a single pane of glass. Also, vCenter user interface enables customers to coordinate software, driver, and firmware updates in one scheduler. 
•OpenManage Enterprise: Accelerate server onboarding and scale server lifecycle management with ease. On a single interface, unify the system management experience and manage at scale across MX chassis and the standard Dell EMC PowerEdge infrastructure. New features include pool‑based profile management and automated modular component discovery. Best yet, OpenManage Enterprise can deploy a server in 88% less time and 14 fewer steps for a single server compared to manual deployment. Server‑initiated discovery with OpenManage requires only 5 basic steps and 15 seconds of IT administrator time for a single server, with no network scans needed*.
Helping Partners leverage AI for shared customers is Dell Technologies’ mission
To assist partners in taking full advantage of hybrid cloud for AI, Dell Technologies has created validated designs that incorporate Dell EMC servers, networking, and storage solutions and combined these with the VMware Cloud Foundation, along with the new advanced features included in vSphere. Collectively, they give you the power, portability, and management simplicity you need to make AI real for any of your customers’ enterprises.
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*Principled Technologies, “Boost data center staff productivity with OpenManage Enterprise,” March 2020.
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