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How to build your AI services business quickly and easily

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According to a recent IDC study, spending on AI solutions is accelerating at a truly rapid-fire pace. As a matter of fact, they are forecasting growth to break the $500 billion mark in 2023.

While the magnitude of this growth is impressive in its scope, it consequently brings with it a host of new challenges. For end user customers, these challenges all seem to revolve around the execution of AI deployment. Recent Forrester research revealed that 30 percent of organizations cite complexity of AI integration within existing infrastructure as a barrier. 72 percent say security or risk requirements are barriers that require external help. Furthermore, 71 percent of IT pros agree help from IT service providers reduces risk in the deployment of new technologies. These customer challenges while ostensibly daunting, present enormous opportunity for solution providers - and especially so for Dell Partners. 

Partners are turning to Dell Technologies to grow their AI business

Dell Technologies is uniquely positioned to help you deliver AI to your customer organizations. How you ask? Dell Technologies does it all by making it simpler, faster, and easier to put AI to work for your customers. This is accomplished through Dell Technology Validated Designs and Architectures that provide a faster time to value through a tested, validated and supported design.  By choosing to partner with Dell Technologies you can assist customers to identify, curate and activate high-value data and create real, measurable business value across their organizations. Partnering with Dell Technologies enables you to put AI to work anywhere, in any way, and help your customers drive fast-tracked innovation everywhere. 

Dell Technologies end-to-end portfolio of AI-ready solutions empowers your customers to simplify sourcing, deployment and management of infrastructure that is purpose built for the data era and able to deliver better outcomes in a multi cloud world. A quick look tells the full story.

Dell Precision Workstations: Supercharge customers’ data science projects and unleash their innovative spirit.

Dell PowerEdge Servers: Accelerate their technology with solutions that help customers innovate, adapt, and grow.

Dell PowerSwitch Networking: Increase speed and agility across all AI environments.

Dell PowerScale Storage: Deliver all-flash infrastructure for high-performance machine and deep learning at scale.

Dell Technologies Validated Designs: Accelerate time to value with solutions designed for today’s intelligent business. 

Explore a broad and deep portfolio of AI-optimized solutions and enable your customers to successfully deploy AI across their organization and grow your services business at the same time. By having AI conversations with your customers, you can increase revenue with upgrade, cross-sell and upsell opportunities. You will also take advantage of partner program rebates and other incentives. You can even choose the payment solutions that work best for your customer with Dell APEX Flex on Demand.

AI: A $500 billion market for the taking  

Given the fast-growing compute demand from increasing AI model sizes and complexities that come with Deep Learning, there has never been a better opportunity for solution providers to capitalize on AI opportunities. Let’s face it - AI is now a key driver of IT investment. As such, customer demand for expertise in developing production-grade AI solutions drives IT services expansion. 

Learn more about how to partner with Dell Technologies to AI-optimize your customers’ businesses as you grow your services revenues by visiting here.


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