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How To Deliver Faster Value With Dell Generative AI Solutions

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Dell Generative AI Solutions now offers a new way to help your customers rapidly deploy a full-stack solution for generative AI and inferencing. The latest announcement (which builds on the recent Project Helix announcement) presents an opportunity to grow your businesses by providing your customers with a proven platform for powerful GenAI applications. 
The platform is built on joint architecture from Dell Technologies and NVIDIA and delivers modular, secure and scalable design supporting a multitude of inferencing use cases and computational requirements. Deploying Dell Generative AI solutions empowers your customers to generate higher quality, faster time-to-value predictions and outputs and accelerate decision-making. 
The power of GenAI
When it comes to modern, data-driven businesses, Generative AI promises nearly infinite possibilities. Helping your customers deploy the right platform will enable them to take advantage of everything GenAI offers—now and in the future. 
How your customers leverage GenAI will surely be as unique as their individual businesses. But there are a few common use cases that are quickly becoming must-haves for organizations seeking a faster path to growth, including:
-     Natural language generation:  Large language models can be tasked with document writing, dialogue generation, summarization and content creation.
-     Chatbots and virtual assistants: GenAI can power conversation agents, chatbots and virtual assistances. In these cases, artificial intelligence generates natural language responses based on user queries or instructions. 
-     Code development: Your customers can now get software development assistance by leveraging features like code completion, the ability to generate unit tests and a chat function for explain-code.
Tech specs
Leveraging large language model (LLM)-based generative AI requires serious compute power. Now, delivering that kind of power for your customers is a matter of choosing from a selection of validated design configurations based on the newest AI-acceleration-optimized Dell PowerEdge XE and rack servers. These servers are equipped with the latest NVIDIA GPUs and NVIDIA AI Enterprise, with Triton Inference Server and the NeMo framework.
And for fast, ample data lake storage for GenAI and LLM, you and your customers can rely on Dell PowerScale all-flash or hybrid storage arrays. These cutting-edge technologies, combined with help from Dell Services experts, will enable your customers to strategize, implement, adopt and scale their GenAI use cases. 
The future of GenAI is now
Now is the right time to speak to your customers about Dell Generative AI solutions that can help them thrive and grow in today’s marketplace. With Dell Technologies as your end-to-end partner, you and your customers can take advantage of everything GenAI has to offer. 
To find out more about how you can get started, visit the Dell Discovery Center today and learn how to accelerate intelligent outcomes everywhere with artificial intelligence. 
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