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Powering the Ever-Increasing Demands Created by Customer Workloads Today

How you can give customers more visibility into their IT performance and create opportunity for you

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As the pace of innovation accelerates, today’s organizations need to make quick, yet accurate decisions about their IT infrastructure. The issue is that most IT administrators lack full visibility into their environment. To get the data they need, they are piecing together information from across multiple departments, or they’re guessing at their needs, without the information to back it up. 
When customers have a comprehensive view into their IT environment, they can better see how their existing assets are performing. This enables them to better plan their future IT investments. And in today’s data-centric environment, the ability to accurately scope and build out their IT infrastructure to meet rapidly changing demands can give customers a clear competitive edge. 
Dell Technologies Live Optics is a free online tool designed to meet these challenges 
By using Live Optics, your customers can obtain detailed information about their IT infrastructure assets in 24 hours or less. This information aids in significantly shortening the research and evaluation phase of the purchasing cycle.
With Live Optics, customers can automatically collect IT infrastructure information, including data about private- and public-cloud servers, storage, files, workloads, and data-protection policies. What’s more, they can customize the data collected to meet their specific needs, even adjusting the timeframes for when information is gathered. 
Live Optics also captures data regardless of platform or hardware, offering IT professionals a vendor-agnostic tool for tracking their workload performance, whether these workloads are running on-premises, in the cloud or a combination of both. Live Optics presents information about select IT infrastructure in a single dashboard with intuitive graphics. This makes it possible to gain real-time insights into performance metrics, from a high level right down to specific CPUs. 
Partners can leverage Live Optics to help customers build a more effective IT infrastructure 
Server & Cloud offers a wide range of data to help you to help your customers operate more cost-effectively. It also provides opportunity to partners to upsell new solutions and value-added services. Here are some of the areas:
Optimize customer IT environments 
Plan their storage capacity and performance to ensure they have enough space as their organization grows. 
Ensure their new and future workloads are right sized to meet their IT infrastructure needs. 
More accurately plan their physical and virtualized IT environment. 
Reduce risks and operating costs 
Understand potential security risks in their current environment. 
Identify areas to improve total cost of ownership (TCO) and save money. 
Modernize their infrastructure by replacing outdated equipment. 
Plan their cloud strategy 
Identify workloads fit for the cloud down to the application level. 
Get the data they need to efficiently collaborate with application owners and the IT team. 
Accelerate their hybrid cloud journey with fast and accurate decisions. 
Learn more here about how Dell Technologies Live Optics can help you grow your business, while giving your customers better visibility and control of their IT investments.
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