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How you can help your customers achieve digital transformation by leveraging security transformation

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In today’s data-driven world digital transformation is not an option – it is a necessity. Digital transformation empowers your customers to handle anything that comes their way in this new digital economy. For you and your business initiatives, building a nimble, modern IT environment that your customers can leverage in order to rapidly respond to emerging business demands is your key to revenue growth.
However, there’s an underlying threat that lurks beneath every aspect of an IT infrastructure that can upend your customers’ enterprises. No matter how much cutting-edge technology you deploy as you’re reaching for new heights in the digital transformation process, cybercriminals are increasing the sophistication of their attacks, and exploiting every opportunity to steal, destroy or ransom your customers’ valuable data.
For you and your customers to thrive in the digital economy, you need to instill confidence in your customers and other stakeholders by keeping valuable data secure. You also need
to maintain compliance with evolving global data security standards and
regulations. And this all needs to be done seamlessly and behind-the-scenes,
without negatively impacting the business or your customers’ customers. 
This level of cyber resilience requires complete and comprehensive security transformation. Without this strong and secure foundation, most notably at the server level, there can be no digital transformation.
Protect your customers’ businesses with end-to-end intrinsic security 
To successfully fend off increasingly sophisticated attacks, your customers need security
that’s built in, not bolted on. That’s why Dell Technologies makes security an
intrinsic element of their devices, services, and operational models. This is especially critical for any server environment. 
For starters, Dell EMC PowerEdge servers are made with a cyber resilient architecture that builds in security at every phase of the product lifecycle, from the silicon root of trust, to signed firmware and drift detection, to BIOS recovery. These servers are packed with some of the industry’s most robust security features that ensure intrinsic security like:
• SafeBIOS, which mitigates the risk of BIOS tampering with integrated firmware
attack detection through Dell Technologies–exclusive off-host BIOS
verification, BIOS Image Capture, and BIOS Events and Indicators of Attack.
• Safe ID, which enables device access with a fingerprint or card scan, freeing users
from complex passwords. Only Dell Technologies secures user credentials in
a dedicated security chip, keeping them hidden from malware.
• VMware® NSX®, a network virtualization product, that allows for enhanced and
seamless security capabilities such as micro-segmentation.
Intrinsic security is a core belief system at Dell Technologies. It actually starts within their secure supply chain. Dell Technologies takes a holistic and comprehensive approach to protect their supply chain and deliver solutions you and your customers can trust. They’ve mapped the most impactful supply chain attack vectors such as counterfeit components, malware, and firmware tampering. And they have invested heavily to harden their processes and practices against both physical and digital threats.
To deliver digital transformation to your customers, you need security that covers their business from end to end. That’s where you can leverage the full Dell Technologies’ portfolio to help operate seamlessly across your customers’ data centers and clouds — on-premises, off-premises and at the edge. 
Learn more about how to help customers start strong, stay strong and outmaneuver security threats by visiting here
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