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Introducing two new enterprise class performance Dell EMC PowerEdge Servers

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Dell EMC PowerEdge R650xs and R750xs are new value optimized servers that deliver what your customers are looking for with hand-picked features based on their input. PowerEdge R650xs and R750xs servers are ideal for cloud-scale and general-purpose environments as they are built to optimize enterprises that are focused on virtualization, VDI, software-defined storage, and private and public cloud.
Because these servers sport the right-sized processor, memory, and I/O features, they offer efficient scale-out without overprovisioning. The thought process behind their creation is clear cut evidence of this:
Purpose-built — Upgrade customers to the latest Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors and give them faster and more cost-effective levels of performance to match their needs.
Tailored performance — New PowerEdge baseline meets your customers’ performance requirements since it’s been designed with the latest components that support their most requested features.
Optimized for their infrastructure — Lower consumption, lower heat, lower power cost. These systems respect infrastructure limitations and lower operating costs.
Built-in security — Every PowerEdge features an enhanced Cyber Resilient Architecture that uses silicon-based root of trust along with a globally secure supply chain that ensures data safety. 
The specs speak for themselves
The Dell EMC PowerEdge R750xs Server is our feature optimized dual-socket, 2U, full-performance enterprise server designed to handle demanding workloads in existing data centers with no need for extra power or cooling.
The Dell EMC PowerEdge R650xs Server is the ideal dual-socket, 1U server combining right-sized enterprise features, performance, and scalability to drive application performance for dense scale-out data center computing.
With the PowerEdge server portfolio, your customers can leverage the platform they already know and love to gain the additional speed and agility quickly and easily that they need to tackle modern workloads’ demands.
Empower customers to drive innovation and widen business operations with ease
The latest PowerEdge servers, featuring 3rd Generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors, deliver impressive performance in three key areas:

Adaptive Compute - Address evolving compute demands with purpose-built technology for your customers’ critical business requirements.
Autonomous Compute Infrastructure - Respond rapidly to customer platform requirements with intelligent tools that integrate information and processes that accelerate digital transformation and productivity.
Proactive Resilience - Enhance business resiliency with proactive capabilities that drive trusted interactions across your customers’ businesses.
How can you get involved?
Dell Technologies has created everything you need to go to market with in order to win. It is easier than ever to grow your business opportunities and prepare for PowerEdge sales success. As a Dell Technologies partner, you can access dedicated training and events, expertly created marketing campaign collateral and much more.
Find out more on how to leverage all that’s available to you to expand your server business by visiting here.
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