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Partner opportunities abound with these recently announced innovations and solutions

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As we’re all aware, IT infrastructure technology is constantly evolving, and new technological solutions are being released at increasingly rapid cadence. For today’s solution providers, this presents both an opportunity as well as a challenge. 
You see, the opportunity presents in the provider serving as a resource to solving a customer's problem; however, to do this, that solution provider must first learn about the technology. And therein lies the challenge.
Time is money and Dell Technologies wants you to make the most of both. The following is a summary of recently announced solutions from two key industry events, which could help solve your customer’s needs.  
VMWorld 2021
VMWorld is widely considered the industry’s premier multi-cloud event. At this year’s show, Dell Technologies and VMWare demonstrated the two companies’ ongoing commitment to their go-to-market relationship with a range of jointly engineered solutions across the portfolio. 
From a managed infrastructure as-a-Service solution that enables multi-cloud flexibility and an industry-first end-to-end NVMe/TCP SmartFabric Storage Software solution, to cloud native and software-defined object storage and automating GPU virtualization, these new products are designed to offer your customers greater simplicity, agility, and control, as well as the opportunity to accelerate their journey to realizing true digital transformation. 
Key products launched at VMWorld 2021:
SmartFabric Storage Software Solution
AI Ready Solutions
Dell Technologies Summit 2021
This year’s event was heavily focused on Edge compute solutions. And for good reason: Recent studies indicate that the number of new operational processes deployed on Edge infrastructure will grow at an astounding rate over the next two-to-three years. What’s more, it’s expected that over half of new IT infrastructure will be deployed at the Edge in the next year or two. 
Mobile computing, point-of-sale terminals, intelligent robots, self-driving cars, and more -- customer demands and business applications as it relates to these technologies are furthering new Edge use cases at an amazing clip. With the speed at which everything is racing to the Edge, it’s become increasingly obvious that there is no better time than right now to ensure your customers are well-equipped to take advantage of the many opportunities that they will bring.
Important announcements that were made during this year’s event include new additions to Dell’s Edge product portfolio, most notably:
Edge Gateways
VxRail at the Edge
Dell Latitude Rugged Laptops
Stay ahead of the game and demonstrate your expertise and commitment to your customers as a partner they can trust to be in-the-know about the latest offerings coming to market. Get started by downloading the Dell Product Launch Guide to begin learning how you can help customers prepare for what’s next with responsive and futureproof IT infrastructure.
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