In today’s data driven world, data capture and information processing is needed outside of the data center more so than ever before. This is now the reality whether at the near edge, the far edge, or anywhere in between.

This is where the PowerEdge XR server portfolio from Dell Technologies comes perfectly into play. The PowerEdge XR server lineup powered by Intel® processors, is built from the ground up, exclusively for edge workload requirements. The addition of three new servers to the portfolio now offers partners and their customers the ability to deploy more solution options and greater edge coverage.

Edge servers that are built to stop at nothing

These servers have been designed to stop at nothing when it comes to demanding end user customer computing environments. But don’t take my word for it – take look at the applications they drive - and accelerate.

A data‐based 5G world demands high‐powered, rugged and flexible servers. Dell PowerEdge XR servers are less than half the length of traditional servers. Front or rear connectivity makes them easy to install in small enclosures at the base of cell towers. 

‘In field’ type surveys require mobile, enterprise‐level performance to manage real‐time intelligence gathering, assimilation and recommendations for quick, on‐site decision‐making.

Promote the perfect shopping experience with tailored and synchronized automated mood lighting, digital suggestions, point of sale and more — all powered by compact compute running out of sight. 

Drive Industry 4.0 with powerful computers enhanced with smart and autonomous robots that are fueled by data and machine learning. Combat the dusty, hot and humid manufacturing floor with powerful, rugged systems built specifically for those harsh conditions. 

A server for every customer’s edge computing needs

·      Dell PowerEdge XR5610 monolithic server:
1U, single socket server for telecom, defense, and enterprise edge use cases 

·      Dell PowerEdge XR7620 GPU-optimized server:
2U, dual socket workhorse designed for use at the industrial edge or select telecom use cases 

·      Dell PowerEdge XR8000 sled-based server:
1U and 2U single socket server optimized for TCO and performance in O-RAN applications 

PowerEdge XR5610, XR7620, and XR8000 are purpose-built from the ground up with the edge in mind and can withstand bumps and bruises, vibration and shocks, dust and dirt, harsh weather, and extreme temperatures in telecom, military, manufacturing, healthcare, retail, marine, and other challenging environments. 

These platforms will allow you to simplify your customers’ experience through advanced automation and management tools and give them peace of mind with integrated security at every step.

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