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Digital transformation is a hot topic right now. This is largely due to legacy systems becoming obsolete because of increased critical workload demands. This leaves today’s enterprises with one of two options: keep their outdated technology and simply refresh their maintenance contract or refresh their technology and migrate to a more modern platform.
Indeed, the modern business organization has changed considerably in recent years, and the idea of starting anew with the latest technology and solutions can seem like a daunting task for a company looking to begin their digital transformation journey. Fortunately, Dell Technologies recognizes the opportunity this presents to its solution providers and has put together the Tech Refresh program to help customers stay ahead of the competition, digitally transform, and reinvent digital experiences. 
A more meaningful approach
Rather than taking the antiquated approach of identifying an old asset and providing a customer a new quote, Dell encourages its solution providers to first identify the old / aged-out technology and provide a reason why they should consider replacing it – for instance, power savings, or greater efficiency, or increased rack space.
By providing the customer with higher-level talking points, that information can be used to somebody further up the chain to make a decision, as opposed to somebody who’s just a technical contact to the account.
Understanding performance requirements and making appropriate recommendations
Dell Technologies provides the solution provider with the tools and support needed to help solution providers educate their customers on the benefits of incorporating new technology. For instance, there’s the Modern Assessment tool. The intent of this assessment is to quickly compare metrics for a customer’s current environment to what’s possible with a modern data center solution. Things that get considered include power, cooling, rack space / floor space comparisons, and more. 
There’s also live optics, which provides data analysis to help customers understand their workload performance. This knowledge can help simplify the conversation between the solution provider and customer so that both sides have a mutual understanding of project requirements.
Also, worth considering is educating the customer on Dell’s future-proof loyalty program, which helps customers optimize the IT lifecycle through a series of guarantees, offers, and assurances.
5 things to consider when it comes to Tech Refresh
1. Why your customers should refresh their tech
•               Save time and money with modern infrastructure
•               Increase productivity and reduce spend
•               Stay in front with faster, flexible, and future-proof solutions
•               Drive effective and efficient digital transformation
2. Provide better support for a customer’s business outcomes 
•               Improve efficiency with increased automation infrastructure
•               Reduce time to market with faster app development
•               Improve customer satisfaction with reduced downtime
3. Deliver on streamlined operations
•               Improve developers' operational efficiency by 38%
•               Increase multi-cloud governance support by 40%
•               Drive better overall governance by up to 39%
•               Up to 40% enhanced granular access control and support
4. Take a client’s idea of a “refresh” further
•               Enhanced flexibility with the Future-Proof Program
•               Customers only pay for the storage and servers they need
•               Identify customer potential with a free Live Optics
•               Enjoy flexible payment with Dell Financial Services
•               Collect, curate, and deliver market intelligence with Klue
5. Enjoy limitless benefits with Dell
•               Increase customer loyalty
•               Manage your asset lifecycle with ease
•               Lock out your competition
•               Protect and grow your market share
•               Cross-sell the Dell Technologies product range
•               Prepare your upgrade proposal early
•               Propose best-in-class modernization for your customers
Simplify, manage, and transform your customers’ storage and server opportunities with Tech Refresh
Discover the resources you need to activate your Tech Refresh Program and help your customers digitally transform, stay ahead of competitors, and modernize their IT.
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