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Powering the Ever-Increasing Demands Created by Customer Workloads Today

With Dell Technologies PowerEdge servers on your side, you can help customers accelerate transformation anywhere

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Dell partners now possess the unique ability to speed their customers’ journey toward reaching business and sustainability goals 
Today’s business and IT leaders are actively striving to overcome unprecedented business technology challenges. More specifically, they are scrambling to harness the growth of data while also trying to protect and secure it. Furthermore, they are confronted with efforts to reduce technical debt, optimize staff and budget while simultaneously attempting to reduce costs and carbon emissions. To further complicate matters, many new business technology investments are occurring outside of the traditional data center. The new reality is that transforming IT to drive success is happening in multiple clouds and at multiple edges – and all at scale.
How are forward-thinking solution providers addressing these challenges successfully? They are partnering with Dell Technologies. Dell Technologies helps them execute on their customers’ transformation goals for AI‑driven innovation, automation, and zero‑trust security with Dell PowerEdge servers. These are servers that are purpose built, intelligent and cyber resilient to accelerate transformation anywhere. And they are also purpose built to help partners grow their server businesses.
Easily help customers transform at the core, the edge and at scale 
At the core: PowerEdge server capabilities answer needs across any industry, helping you find new operational efficiencies for customers by deploying AI and ML at the core. Throughout it all, Dell Technologies is providing the horsepower to do the complex computations to create AI models so that businesses of all shapes and sizes can harness its power. And to adequately cool the higher TDP requirements of the latest technologies, Dell Technologies offers smart cooling capabilities to improve energy efficiency.
At the edge: PowerEdge servers enable your customers to go beyond their boundaries, removing obstacles to excellence by designing servers specifically for their edge environments. For example, Dell PowerEdge Rugged servers fit into smaller spaces and will keep performing in environments prone to extreme heat or cold, dust, shock, and vibration. This makes them ideal for telco outposts, factory floors, construction sites, retail locations, mobile command centers and other extreme environments.
At scale: PowerEdge offers servers built with essential features and configurations that easily scale. These scalable servers deliver technology optimization without the financial and operation burden of supporting extreme configurations. Cloud service providers (CSPs) have access to hardware and validated workloads that provide faster deployment of common IT applications giving them the power to scale at their own pace. These servers can be the answer to open ecosystem environments with optional Open Server Manager built on OpenBMC to simplify management across large‑scale multivendor SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS data centers.
Transform your server business with PowerEdge servers 
Whatever your customers’ business needs are, PowerEdge servers and solutions are specifically designed and optimized for new workloads, such as AI/ML, edge, and telecom, while answering emerging thermal and environmental challenges. They are designed to deliver the right combination of technologies on the right platform for the right outcome. Every server comes with intuitive tools that work together to deliver automated, repeatable processes based on their individual policies, enabling effortless management. And they are built on cyber‑resilient architectures that incorporate security at every phase of the product lifecycle, from the silicon root of trust and supply chain to deployment and asset retirement. 
From an ESG perspective, PowerEdge servers are designed to help your business, your customer’s business, and our planet. With ESG considerations being a top priority for many enterprises, implementing products and solutions with sustainability at their core helps reduce their carbon footprint and protects against rising energy costs. At Dell Technologies, they put sustainability at the core of everything they do, with products and solutions designed to reduce emissions and energy use while maximizing performance. 
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