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Driving Digital Transformation for Customers Using Strategic Storage Solutions

Accelerate the evolution of storage connectivity for your customers with NVMe IP SAN

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Dell Technologies newest NVMe IP SAN is an end-to-end solution that will help provide enterprise organizations with the agility to stay ahead of growing workload demands. This new launch offers modern, streamlined, and secure storage connectivity for today’s enterprise needs, as well future needs that will emerge when migrating to extended hybrid cloud environments.
This solution brings together a standards-based, end-to-end NVMe/TCP portfolio of Dell EMC servers, storage and networking. These elements work together seamlessly to simplify IT, increase operational efficiencies, and accelerate workload deployments across private cloud and edge locations. 
How NVMe IP SAN can provide immediate growth opportunity to partners 
With this latest connectivity technology, NVMe IP SAN, partners and solution providers are empowered to:
Offer their customers access to a complete and differentiated end-to-end solution and strategy based on full integration, global support, and industry-leading innovation
Present opportunities to help customers accelerate their journey to a modern network, whether they are currently using a heterogenous environment or one based around a single vendor
Grow revenue streams by deploying Dell EMC PowerStore and VMware ESXi upgrades featuring NVMe/TCP, and the new SmartFabric Storage Software
Earn more by selling across the Dell EMC’s portfolio of PowerEdge servers, PowerStore and PowerSwitch networking
Leverage the solution’s end-to-end footprint to
  • Spot opportunities across the entire data center environment 
  • Pre-empt competitors from tech refresh opportunities across the data center
  • Acquire new accounts through multiple entry points into the data center
  • Offer services and financing available from Dell EMC
By utilizing the power of Dell Technologies, partners and solution providers can deliver end-to-end solutions that leverage a shared expertise, with comprehensive payment solutions that demonstrate their expertise, support, and commitment to customers’ success.
NVMe IP SAN brings a compelling array of benefits customers as it enables them to:
Increase their agility with cutting-edge NVMe storage technology that keeps up with capacity and performance. It provides secure, policy-driven storage and adaptive connectivity that easily scales up and out at the same time as it drives both revenue growth and cost savings.
Automate complex management, storage, and networking tasks. A new SmartFabric Storage Software product will help reduce operational costs and cut time to market for new applications, products, and services. By automating tasks, it simplifies deployment and life cycle management tasks of both LAN and SAN.
Improve reliability, enhanced by global support & services. Greater reliability across a tightly integrated server, storage and networking solution means that customers can enjoy reduced downtime and service loss.
Which type of enterprise would benefit most from NVMe IP SAN?  
NVMe IP SAN is ideal when enterprises want:
A single separate SAN
A redundant separate SAN (air-gap isolation or virtual isolation approaches)
Converged LAN/SAN
NVMe IP SAN gives customers:
The ability to tackle the issues arising from today’s massive date storage requirements
The flexibility and control they need to quickly meet demanding workflow and application demands 
The chance to benefit from significant operational gains
An accelerated journey to a modern network
Access to fully tested and validated solutions backed up by global support and services  
Learn more here about how you can bring consistency to your customers’ operating environments so they can focus on delivering innovation to their end-users by optimizing their infrastructure and workloads.
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