Businesses can’t afford to sit still. It’s up to you to deliver storage that keeps them ahead. 

As data establishes itself as the key differentiator for businesses from retail to finance, it’s ever more vital that organizations can properly store, manage, and scale their data infrastructure.

The Dell software driven Continuously Modern portfolio is built in collaboration with Intel® to help your customers not only keep up with data demands, but to build a dynamic storage architecture that’s ready for the challenges of today and tomorrow. 

To ensure your customers have the most up-to-date storage technologies, Dell is introducing a host of new features across its full portfolio, including PowerStore, PowerMax, and PowerFlex. Supporting you to deliver on the promise of software-driven data innovations:

Automated IT operations

Build intelligence into your customers’ data infrastructure, providing a platform to reduce admin costs, eliminate time-consuming tasks and scale with cloud-like agility. 

Multi-cloud control and mobility

Help your customers to gain more control over where data sits and uncover breakthroughs in flexibility with support for leading hyperscalers. 

Secure innovation

Enable your customers to invest in their data and insight platforms with total cyber resiliency and greater confidence in a consistent, continuously modern operational experience. 

Unlock the power of the latest evolution of PowerStore

The next generation of PowerStore is powered by Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors and puts over 120 new, high-value software features at the service of your customers, delivering new benefits through modern design and delivery. 

Boost workload performance

·       Radical new data speeds, with up to 50% higher performance for mixed workloads[1]

·       An increase in scalability, with up to 66% more data capacity and 8x more volumes[2]

·       New NVMe expansion, plus 100GbE network support featuring the industry’s first automated, end-to-end NVMe/TCP deployment[3]

Innovate without limits

·       Increased data mobility and protection (now replicate file, vVols, block and metro area workloads)

·       More enterprise file capabilities (file replication, security and import from legacy platforms)

·       Enhanced VMware integrations, including NFS datastores, vVols-over-NVMe and the ability to provision VM-level PowerStore services directly from vSphere

·       Deeper cybersecurity, with ransomware protection, 3rd party support and end-to-end FIPS140-2 compliance

Stay continuously modern

·       All-inclusive software updates with PowerStore 3.0

·       Simple node-swap to upgrade appliance hardware

·       Adaptable architecture which automatically finetunes performance, efficiency, and resiliency, with connected insight across CloudIQ

What’s more, existing customers can enjoy these updates with no additional cost or disruption!

What opportunity does PowerStore provide you?

The midrange market is expected to be the fastest growing storage market for the foreseeable future. This make PowerStore a great business opportunity for you to:

·       Earn trusted partner status by reducing siloes of data 

·       Upsell co-delivered deployment services or resell ProDeploy to support rapid and effective deployment

·       Cross-sell and extend your offerings to include servers and optimized networking services to support cluster environments

·       Promote extended investment protection with Dell’s Future-Proof Program and value of Anytime Upgrade

Empower your customers with PowerStore

Data visibility is of paramount importance for the modern enterprise. Combining the advantages of cutting-edge storage hardware with the flexibility and simplicity of modern software design, PowerStore gives you unprecedented freedom to evolve your IT and keep pace with a rapidly changing world. 

Head to Dell's Discovery Center to learn more about PowerStore and the Continuously Modern portfolio.

[1] Based on internal tests comparing PowerStore 1200T peak IOPS with PowerStore OS 3.0 vs. PowerStore 1000T with PowerStoreOS 2.1, running 70/30 read/write mix, 8k block size.  March, 2022. Actual results may vary.

[2] Based on internal tests comparing XCOPY performance copying 1000 36GB VMs running on PowerStore 5000 with PowerStoreOS 3.0 vs. PowerStoreOS 2.0.  Actual results will vary.

[3] Based on internal analysis comparing NVMe/TCP discovery and registration with PowerMax/PowerStore using SmartFabric Storage Software vs competitive storage solutions, March 2022.


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