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Dell PowerMax Enterprise Storage Helps Your Customers Supercharge Efficiency and Strengthen IT Security

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PowerMax enterprise data storage solutions by Dell Technologies give your customers the ability to optimize energy efficiency, data security, IT operations, and data efficiency for mission-critical workloads. It’s a trusted, intelligent and continuously modern storage platform that offers industry-leading sustainability and a disruption-free path forward with Dell’s Future-Proof Program.
The latest PowerMax solutions offer a clear path forward for your business, too. By up-selling enterprise storage solutions with the industry’s richest data services, you can generate a steady revenue stream as you help your customers reach their digital transformation and operational efficiency goals. 
An exciting new approach to storage
In order to keep pace with business demands and capitalize on new opportunities, your customers must work to reduce the time between data creation and innovation. At the same time, they need to harden security while increasing efficiency to reduce costs and meet sustainability goals. The latest PowerMax release adds real-time power monitoring, alerting, and reporting to maximize energy efficiency and optimize resource utilization. 
PowerMax combines an impressive array of capabilities in a single platform to help your customers meet all their requirements. Solutions like the PowerMax 2500 and 8500 eliminate traditional storage boundaries and provide your customers with superior performance, scalability, capacity, energy efficiency and cybersecurity. Both models are listed on the U.S. DoD Approved Products List and are STIG compliant, meeting the most stringent cybersecurity requirements.
Intelligent Automation
PowerMax is designed with AI-driven intelligent automation in mind. For instance, each PowerMax system includes built-in machine learning (ML) that employs pattern recognition and predictive analytics to maximize performance with no management overhead.
With AI-driven workload optimization, your customers can streamline storage provisioning across PowerMax arrays. AI-powered automation can also streamline NVMe/TCP network setup and provide fully integrated file management for setup, configuration changes, and replication tasks. 
Cyber Resiliency
Preventing cyberattacks is a vital aspect of modern storage architecture. PowerMax helps your customers avoid potential cyberattacks by accelerating Zero Trust adoption, providing intrinsic protection from unauthorized access, and continuous ransomware anomaly detection to quickly identify a potential breach. 
In the event of an attack, PowerMax can help your customers get back to business with the industry’s most granular cyber recovery at scale enabled by up to 65 million secure snaps per array. 
Continuously modern storage
Show your customers how to take the worry out of buying storage. Dell’s Future-Proof Program covers PowerMax with a 3-year satisfaction guarantee, hardware investment protection and a 5:1 data reduction guarantee for open systems. 
Access the Dell Partner Portal today to learn more about how you can provide your customers with an industry-leading PowerMax storage solution that meets all their needs—now and in the future. 
You can also visit StorageReview to find out more about Dell PowerMaxOS 10.1, featuring cyber resiliency, in-rack iPDU and a 5:1 data reduction guarantee.
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