Dell Technologies, in association with Intel, NVIDIA, and VMware presented their Tech Field Day experience last week.  This experience featured a special two-day live event focused on Dell Technologies Storage on August 2, and VxRail on August 3. 

Tech Field Days, for those not familiar with the experience, are livestreamed, interactive presentations that bring together companies like Dell Technologies and their partners with a small group of independent technical influencers to share, learn, and interact in focused technical sessions. Tech Field days are a great opportunity for vendors and their technology partners to showcase new products and features, and field questions in real-time from IT practitioners and enterprise technology subject matter experts.

The Dell Technologies event theme was centered on “cutting edge infrastructure to drive your business”. At Tech Field Day on August 3, Dell and their partners offered a deep dive into how their award-winning hyperconverged infrastructure empowers IT organizations to evolve to become an innovation engine for their business.

The overall goal for the event was to highlight how HCI drives value for Dell solution providers and customers in four key areas by:

o   Optimizing operations and automating as much as possible to drive enterprise technology efficiencies. This way customers can redirect resources to other areas of enterprise IT other than maintaining the infrastructure.

o   Embracing hybrid cloud so that customers can rapidly and easily deploy on-demand services and scale without limits

o   Optimizing workloads and modern apps that drive business innovation

o   Unlocking intelligence and accelerating business value at the edge 

For solution providers the benefits of HCI for customer enterprises were plainly evident 

Built for VMware, with VMware, to enhance VMware, VxRail provides the fastest and simplest path to transform operations and modernize data center infrastructure. VxRail is the single HCI platform for every VMware workload and use case, including VDI, compute dense applications, and for hosting traditional and modern applications on a true hybrid cloud infrastructure.

VxRail HCI System Software is the first and only HCI operating system jointly engineered with VMware. It drives operational efficiencies with full stack integrity, and automated end-to-end lifecycle management, and AI based predictive analytics.

Best yet, VxRail arrives on-site pre-configured and pre-tested by Dell EMC, in the deployment option of your customers’ choosing. Ranging from appliance to integrated rack offerings, with or without networking included, you are empowered to choose the VxRail solution that best fits your customer’s needs.

Learn more about Dell’s Tech Field Day experience by visiting here

Discover how you can deliver business value for customers by putting HCI to work for them 

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