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ESG Analyst research confirms VxRail is a real differentiator for partners

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TechTarget's Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) recently conducted primary research with a number of Dell Technologies partners to learn about their success with providing VxRail hyperconverged solutions to their clients. In one-on one conversations, they uncovered a number of ways in which selling VxRail impacted the partners’ businesses, including enhancing their ability to differentiate strategic core offerings and developing long-term customer relationships that guide and support digital transformation initiatives.

Partners that actively promote VxRail’s benefits from a degree of competitive differentiation are able to engage more strategically with senior IT and line-of-business (LOB) teams at their customers. With VxRail as an enabling technology that leverages existing skills and experience, partners can guide and support customer digital transformation and hybrid cloud initiatives. As high-level advisors, they both "land" and "expand" net-new clients by supporting business growth and enjoy attractive, high-value consulting and managed services. 

ESG also identified VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) on VxRail as a strategic differentiator for partners when helping clients transform to hybrid cloud, adding value and revenue.  The full stack integration with VCF on VxRail means both hyperconverged infrastructure layer and the VMware cloud software stack are managed as one, complete, automated, turnkey hybrid cloud experience, greatly reducing risk and increasing IT operational efficiency.

Build your business by transforming customer IT environments into a single consistent ecosystem 

There is no arguing that customers that rely on data to run their businesses are looking for more consistent and simplified operations across the entire IT landscape. With the need to spend more time innovating, they are increasingly finding less time for updating systems. This has happened in many cases as a normal result of acquisitions and growth. It is not uncommon to see how customers have experienced the buildup of unintentional architecture across IT environments. This in turn, has made managing disparate platforms complex and updating infrastructure across multiple locations difficult and time consuming.

There is a solution though, that addresses all these issues. With VxRail you can quickly and easily transform customer IT environments into single, consistent, and automated IT ecosystems. With VxRail you are delivering the only jointly engineered HCI solution with VMware enabling a seamless, curated, and optimized HCI experience. What also makes VxRail uniquely fit here is it provides a turnkey experience with full-stack integration of software and hardware control and visibility for a consistent, deeply integrated VMware environment.

Expand your customers’ IT landscapes with VxRail

The VxRail advantage is emblematic of Dell’s unique and highly differentiated VxRail HCI System Software. Dell’s proprietary software consists of multiple, integrated software elements that extend VMware native capabilities to deliver a seamless, automated, operational experience. Important for partners to note that this is Dell Technologies’ IP and as such, VMware cannot provide this to other vendors. This has and will continue to be Dell’s and their partners’ leading differentiator in the HCI Systems market.

This differentiation enables partners to help their customers to realize immediate benefits by:

·      Extending data center modernization across the entire business ecosystem for consistent and streamlined operations

·      Streamlining IT operations. This frees up budget and staff resources that can be dedicated to the adoption of emerging technologies

·      Providing the ability to quickly implement the latest technology with one-click 30-day synchronous VMware upgrades and 14-days for security patches

Find out more about the ESG study and how you can put VxRail technology to work for your customers and build your business in the process by visiting here.


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