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Driving Digital Transformation for Customers Using Modern Infrastructure Solutions

Fortify your customers’ IT assets with Dell Trusted Infrastructure

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With the proliferation of modern IT solutions, ranging from edge devices to multi-cloud environments to as-a-service delivery and more, data is now being created and accessed everywhere. As a result, IT is now being tasked to update the company’s infrastructure to securely deliver data in a moment’s notice, regardless of the user’s location or the time of day. 

Dell Technologies offers the modern wide range of infrastructure-based solutions based on a Zero Trust approach by embracing continuous updates to its products, solutions, and services lifecycle. Why? Because a trusted infrastructure can operate everywhere, with maximum flexibility and business agility, but without sacrificing security.

Understanding the Dell Trusted Infrastructure Approach

Dell Trusted Infrastructure is a family of secure products, IT solutions and services designed and built to provide confidence, control, and scale. It leverages the tenets of NIST guidance on zero trust architecture to intrinsically secure devices, users, transport, application, visibility and analysis, automation, and orchestration within the infrastructure. It is best summarized as follows:  

·       Protect data and systems: Dell Trusted Infrastructure helps you adapt to a Zero Trust architecture for your customers’ IT infrastructure by embedding security capabilities across Dell’s enterprise-wide line of storage, servers, hyperconverged, networking and data protection solutions.

·       Enhance cyber resiliency: Dell Trusted Infrastructure provides automated workflows and software-defined solutions to protect your customers’ critical systems, applications, and data as their environments become more distributed.

·       Overcome security complexity: Dell Trusted Infrastructure provides your customers with automation orchestration and intelligent innovations that complement Dell’s hardware, firmware-based, and software security features.

Safeguard your customer’s infrastructure

Cyber-attacks will continue to be a threat to your customers’ businesses, but with Dell Technologies their data and IT assets are secure, protected, and available. Dell’s relentless cybersecurity focus during development, combined with its broad business use case experience, results in a world-class portfolio of secure systems, solutions, and services. 

Because security solutions vary across a diverse portfolio, different security capabilities can be deployed depending on the business requirements driving each product. From Hardware Root of Trust in the PowerEdge line of servers to end-to-end encryption in PowerMax, Dell helps you meet unique business security needs of your customers in the most cost-effective, automated, and future-proof manner possible. 

Each Dell product solution offers a range of security capabilities within the following categories: 

Prevention: Dell storage solutions incorporate advanced multi-factor authentication to control sensitive storage operations, firewall/Secure Host ID/SAN port locking to allow only authorized hosts access. Tamper-proof audit logs track system usage and changes, so IT admins can identify and act on suspicious activity.

Detection: Dell storage constantly monitors system activities for suspicious events using

machine learning-enabled tools and processes to thwart any harmful impacts quickly. Dell’s storage products seamlessly integrate with CloudIQ, Dell’s AIOps application for infrastructure performance, capacity, and security monitoring, analytics, and recommendations.

Correction: Dell’s storage products offer robust data availability and recoverability using proven services such as local and remote data replications, direct data backup and recovery capabilities, and cyber recovery with air gap protection to protect against ransomware and other modern threats.

World-class support

Dell knows that flexibility, simplicity, support, and speed of execution are crucial to the success of your customers who choose to invest in Dell’s Trusted Infrastructure. With the best support and deployment services options available, your customers will enjoy a highly flexible service with an accelerated path to productivity, while also extending the life of their infrastructure-based solution from Dell.

Anytime upgrade: Effectively ends the cycle of traditional platform migration with simple, flexible data-in-place upgrades — without downtime or impact to applications.

Future-proof investments: Provides support from beginning to end by guaranteeing outcomes, maximizing investments, and helping customers navigate IT futures. 

As-a-Service consumption model: Here, your customers can quickly and easily provision Infrastructure-as-a-Service resources whenever needed, paying only for the infrastructure services they consume.

Training and certifications: Establish and validate the expertise IT professionals need to build their careers and help organizations compete in the digital economy. These certifications confirm the knowledge and experience needed to accelerate an IT department’s time to transformation. 

Environmentally friendly supply chain: From the materials in Dell’s products and packaging to the strength and integrity of its supply chain, Dell design devices with the entire lifecycle in mind. With ambitious goals and constant innovation, every year will be our most sustainable one yet.

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