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The best plan for cybersecurity is to have a trusted solution provider

Data is the currency of the global economy. It has value to you and your customers, of course, but it also has value to cyber criminals who want to use this information for nefarious purposes. 

Indeed, data hacking and cybersecurity breaches have gone up significantly in recent years. This is due in large part to companies’ fast adoption of the remote work environment, which has resulted in increased exposure to security flaws and weaknesses – often referred to as security misconfigurations – in existing IT infrastructure. 

Security misconfigurations are, in fact, one of the major reasons for a cyberattack – and they can happen in any system and be either hardware- or software-based. Hackers exploit these misconfigurations to access a system and steal a company’s data. 

In this new(er) age of ransomware attacks, your customers need secure and resilient IT infrastructure that can support a remote work environment. Unfortunately, most don’t have the time or capital to completely rework their current IT infrastructure. As an alternative, they are seeking out solution providers who can provide the hardware, software, and support needed to combat the modern cybercriminal. 

An intelligent IT infrastructure portfolio built around security

Dell Technologies offers an IT infrastructure portfolio to help customers protect and recover from cyberattacks. Dell’s approach is holistic and business-centric, with comprehensive methods that integrate end-to-end security throughout the product and solution lifecycle. Let’s take a closer look at some of the solutions you can offer your customers. 

PowerStore and PowerMax

Industry-leading Dell PowerStore and PowerMax combine storage innovation with advanced security that adheres to government regulations and corporate compliance requirements. Security assurances begin with Dell’s strict Secure Development Lifecycle (SDL) protocols that prevent weaknesses and vulnerabilities from being introduced during product development or from 3rd-party components.

Once the solution is deployed, unauthorized access is prevented by a variety of methods, from easy-to-manage LDAP/AD integrations to multi-factor authentication, ensuring the overall Power Portfolio gives customers diverse security administration options to match their unique business and operational needs. 

Tamper-proof audit logs track access, usage, and changes so that IT admins can identify suspicious activity and act. With snapshot policies you can quickly automate the protection and recovery process for your customers’ data. In the case of PowerMax, Secure snapshots cannot be deleted by any user prior to the retention time expiration for added peace of mind. 

Furthermore, data encryption protects flash memory from unauthorized access. This is prompted if the flash memory is physically removed from the data center. Both PowerStore and PowerMax use FIPS 140-2 certified technology to prevent these breeches. 


CloudIQ, an integral part of both PowerStore and PowerMax, combines predictive analytics, anomaly detection, and machine learning with proactive policy-based security assessments, monitoring, and alerting for intelligent insights that helps your customers maintain the security health status of their storage environment. The system performs constant cybersecurity configuration check-ins on the hour, every hour, so that if an anomaly is detected, it can be quickly addressed. It’s a far superior solution compared to the alternative, manual check-in, which is not only time consuming, but also introduces human error should a security flaw go overlooked. 


If a security breach does occur, PowerProtect Cyber Recovery will isolate your customer’s data, identify suspicious activity, and accelerate data recovery. Using an automated data recovery feature, unchangeable data is duplicated in a secure digital vault. Next, an operational air gap isolates this vault from the production and backup environments, thereby ensuring data is restored. 

Protect your customers’ data

Architected with data security in mind, Dell’s IT infrastructure portfolio provides true data storage innovation, so your customers’ data is always available and always secure wherever and whenever they need it. 

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