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Help your customers embrace the data revolution with PowerFlex, part of Dell Technologies’ Continuously Modern Storage portfolio

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The data revolution has changed everything. With accelerated data growth, multi-cloud environments, and growing cyber threats, your customers need to keep moving forward—and so does their storage. 

Today’s enterprises are challenged with deploying and managing infrastructures that are agile, flexible, and responsive to the seemingly ever-evolving requirements of their industry. As a solution provider, you can deliver a continuously modern storage solution designed to deliver powerful business outcomes with software-driven innovation as well as:

•               Adaptable software architectures

•               Greater developer velocity

•               Intelligent insights

•               Comprehensive cyber resiliency

•               Multi-cloud ecosystem flexibility

To address these needs, Dell Technologies’ PowerFlex offers a software-defined infrastructure platform that couples unprecedented performance and linear scalability with simplified, comprehensive infrastructure management capabilities. Let’s take a closer look. 

PowerFlex: The most flexible product in the Continuously Modern Storage portfolio

PowerFlex enables extreme flexibility, massive scalability, and enterprise-class performance and resiliency while simplifying infrastructure management and operation. With heterogenous workload consolidation, PowerFlex enables your customers to consolidate multiple bare-metal OS, hypervisors, and container management platforms in a single deployment, thereby delivering extreme consolidation. 

Alongside this lies unified block and file services which, in turn, allows you as the solution provider to better optimize workloads with improved consolidation efficiencies.

PowerFlex deliver enhanced productivity

With improved DevOps and IT agility powered by valuable out-of-the-box toolsets – including PowerFlex REST API, PowerFlex Ansible modules Dell Container Storage Modules (CSM) and CSI drivers – PowerFlex will deliver enhanced productivity for your customers. 

Worth noting is that with this productivity comes reduced admin time, including a more efficient IT infrastructure staff and a greatly reduced amount of unplanned downtime.

Scale at ease

With adaptable infrastructure, you can quickly scale your customers’ storage set-up to address specific resource bottlenecks, reconstructing and rapidly reconfiguring your resource pools to address changing seasonal or long-term requirements. 

This capability will allow you to stay agile and responsive in today’s ever-changing circumstances.

Improved performance

Your customers will take note of the extreme performance that PowerFlex delivers, with its massive IO and throughput for resource-intensive workloads. It achieves this by aggregating resources across many nodes while optimizing data path and placement to deliver the best possible outcomes for your customers.

Learn more about PowerFlex

With all these benefits within reach, PowerFlex is the ideal foundation for your customers’ IT modernization and mission-critical workload infrastructure. 

You can learn more about Dell’s Continuously Modern Storage portfolio here.


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