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How Dell APEX as-a-Service Storage Puts You At The Head Of The Marketplace

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The wide-scale adoption of as-a-Service consumption is increasing among organizations looking for simplicity, agility and control. That’s great news for partners who know how to wield the power of Dell Technologies APEX Data Storage Services.
Research firm Gartner predicts that by 2025, more than 70% of all enterprise-grade storage capacity will be sold on a consumption basis. That’s up from less than 35% in 2021 and a valuable opportunity to grow your business by helping your customers with an all-important digital transformation. 
Dell APEX can provide your customers with the best of both public and private cloud worlds: scalable, agile, on-demand resources with enterprise-class features. And it empowers them to align expenses with actual usage at a single rate with no overage penalties for capacity utilization above their base commitments.
As they grow, your customers can increase their base capacity commitments anytime. That gives them the flexibility to respond to changes in workload requirements on the fly. 
Best-in-class back up storage
With cybercrime on the rise, it’s more important than ever for your customers to have a reliable backup solution. Dell APEX Data Storage Services Backup Target is powered by Dell Technologies infrastructure. It offers the flexibility your customers need to deploy their backup storage through an as-a-Service model.
Deploying Dell APEX as-a-Service storage solutions gives your customers myriad benefits, including:
-     Simplified experience: Simple configuration, monitoring and management from a single console.
-     Support for all workloads: Select the performance tier that meets your customer’s unique workload requirements.
-     Start small and grow: Accommodate new or unpredictable workloads with the ability to add capacity as your customer’s business grows.
-     Efficient operations: Minimize network requirements and help reduce your customer’s footprint.
-     Reliable infrastructure: Maintain peace of mind with Data Invulnerability Architecture.
-     Secure controls: Enable alignment with internal IT governance policies and adherence to strict regulatory standards.
-     Safe architecture: Ensure data does not reside in a vulnerable state with Data at Rest Encryption and In Flight Encryption.
Act now and grow your business while giving your customers the advantage of Dell APEX. To start, visit the Dell APEX Discovery Center today. 
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