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How Dell’s software-driven innovation empower today’s solution provider

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If there’s one lesson learned from the pandemic, it’s that businesses cannot survive the modern world without technology; or, more succinctly, all businesses today must be tech businesses (even if it’s not their focus). 
Innovations are constantly being developed across all industries, and with so much change, it can be a major challenge for formerly unconnected businesses to know which technologies to adopt, and what innovations to embrace.
A leader in the space for decades
Given that Dell has been on the front lines of the tech industry for decades now, the company has extensive experience when it comes to the evolution of IT infrastructure and storage. The company has a rich history of storage software innovation and understands how to help partners embrace and become successful off these changes. 
Dell’s cutting-edge storage portfolio is software-driven by design, fueled by billions of dollars invested in research and development led by thousands of software engineers. To continue to drive this trend forward, Dell Technologies recently introduced an incredible 500 new software enhancements to its market leading storage products, including PowerStore, PowerMax and PowerFlex. These updates are designed to boost storage automation, data mobility, business intelligence, and security across clouds, on-premises, and edge environments, all at no additional cost to existing customers.
Why introduce 500 software enhancements?
Dell’s goal in doing this is to bring multi-cloud and enterprise data storage services together which will allow customers to pool storage resources together and more easily participate in that ecosystem. 
Looking at things a bit more closely, Dell believes that these updates will help businesses drive new levels of automation, security, and data mobility across clouds, on-premises, and edge environments. They will be able to deliver faster data insights, better multi-cloud data control, and increased cyber resiliency to support and secure their workloads.
Highlights worth noting 
·       Dell’s PowerStore will deliver up to a 50 percent mixed workload performance boost and up to 66 percent greater capacity. The company states that in just “five clicks”, customers can plan business continuity strategies with software-only high availability metro replication configured.
·       Dell’s PowerMax line, which already offers secure, mission-critical storage for businesses, will be adding cyber vaults for mainframe deployments, CloudIQ for early detection of cyberattacks including ransomware, and a new 4-to-1 data reduction guarantee.
·       Dell’s software defined PowerFlex streamlines multi-cloud as well as DevOps by supporting file and block support for all container orchestration platforms from Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Red Hat, SUSE, and VMware. With these new updates, PowerFlex storage infrastructure will now be able to take older and modern workloads and consolidate them using a new file service that allows for unified block and file capabilities on one platform. 
Improving its partner ecosystem
Dell also announced that it would be partnering with Snowflake Inc., a cloud-based data storage and analytics service termed “data warehouse-as-a-service”. The purpose of this partnership is to work together to connect Dell’s storage portfolio with the Snowflake Data Cloud. This collaboration will be a first of its kind and is aimed at helping Dell’s customers with greater flexibility to manage data in multi-cloud environments. 
The partnership with Snowflake exemplifies how much emphasis Dell is placing on creating quality partnerships to help navigate through the inherent complexity that customers are experiencing as they try to navigate through multicloud and multiple business and consumption models. 
How does this help the solution provider?
Dell is making it easier for solution providers to help customers choose the right software for their business. Through these announcements, solution providers are empowered to meet their customers’ needs and offer the right solution for what they have and where they need to spend their resources. 
Learn more about how Dell’s software innovations can power new levels of automation, security and flexibility for your customers
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