In today's dynamic digital landscape, achieving cost and operational efficiencies are critical for success. With Dell Technologies PowerStore storage infrastructure, simplifying IT management has never been easier. PowerStore allows customers to say goodbye to tedious tasks and hello to streamlined operations with features like workflow automation, predictive analytics, cybersecurity enhancements, and automated efficiency boosts.
PowerStore offers a tremendous value proposition for your customers and your own business. For your customers, it’s about adopting an extremely easy-to-use storage platform capable of automating simple tasks and driving efficiency and cost savings. In fact, a recent study by IDC shows that PowerStore pays back the investment in an average of 11 months and provides a 3-year return on investment (ROI) of 468%.
When it comes to your business, discussing and deploying PowerStore-based storage solutions will help you rapidly win deals and expand your revenue opportunities. Let’s explore how PowerStore can transform your customer’s experience and boost your bottom line.
The power of PowerStore
Dell Technology’s PowerStore is a modern software-driven array designed to scale up and scale out to increase capacity. The platform uses low-latency NVMe technology to deliver high performance and ease of life-cycle management via built-in automation and AI-driven monitoring capabilities.
The container-based software design isolates storage operating system components as individual microservices, allowing engineers to rapidly evolve the platform with new features delivered at no additional charge through PowerStore’s all-inclusive licensing. With a maximum effective capacity of 4.7 petabytes (PBe) per appliance and 18PBe across a four-appliance cluster based on PowerStore’s 4:1 no assessment data reduction guarantee, your customers can reduce costs while maintaining high-speed and high-reliability access to all their data.
PowerStore pays
The PowerStore platform is about more than fast, efficient, scalable storage infrastructure. It also provides a way for you to help your customers save time and lower operating costs.
IDC’s recent study shows that PowerStore offers your customers:
-     An average annual benefit of $324,000 per 100TB
-     A 24% decrease in total three-year operational costs
-     61% quicker deployment of new storage resources
-     26% more time for IT innovation
You can read the full IDC report now and learn how you can help your customers deploy PowerStore to accelerate their digital transformations.

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