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Driving Digital Transformation for Customers Using Modern Infrastructure Solutions

How storage flexibility drives modern infrastructure modernization

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As the migration to digital transformation marches on the demands being placed on enterprise-scale IT organizations are becoming exponentially more extreme. These demands are increasing so rapidly that they are forcing many technologies to evolve to meet them. This is especially true in the case of infrastructure, and storage is one of those technologies that is being forced to evolve the most. In fact, measuring this evolution in new modern IT environments, IT infrastructure is being tied directly to revenue creation, cost avoidance, and risk reduction. And in many instances, storage is at the center of these business calculations. 
As business and technology success become more interdependent, the necessity of maintaining resilient and efficient operations becomes essential. Minutes, or even seconds of downtime can quickly become very costly. Infrastructure technologies, especially the right data storage environment can deliver enormous business advantage. As such, modern storage systems must adapt to the increased demands of enterprise organizations and deliver greater flexibility in:
how they scale
how they support data movement
what applications they support
how they support infrastructure modernization.
PowerStore leads the way in infrastructure modernization as the centerpiece in the Dell Technologies storage portfolio 
PowerStore has been built from the ground up by Dell Technologies to combine the essentials of enterprise storage with the flexibility-centric capabilities modern organizations require. With its data-centric, intelligent, and adaptable design, PowerStore is a game-changer that helps you enable your customers to innovate and thrive in an unpredictable and rapidly changing world.
Here is how specific flexibility features of PowerStore can help you modernize your customers’ infrastructures:
• Flexibility of scale—PowerStore offers support for high-performance storage with NVMe flash and SCM. It can easily scale either up and/or out to allow for granular, efficient additions of performance and/or capacity independently and as needed.
• Flexibility for data mobility—PowerStore’s AppsON functionality allows applications to run directly on the appliance, while simultaneously enabling seamless application mobility across multiple infrastructure components.
• Workload flexibility—PowerStore’s single architecture supports multiple storage protocols, including file and block, and integrates with virtualization environments (using vVols) as well as container environments such as Kubernetes. 
• Flexibility to modernize—PowerStore is built to evolve as new storage technologies emerge. Its architecture, along with the unique Anytime Upgrade program, supports data-in-place upgrades through seamless controller swaps. The system also enables enterprises to add compute or storage resources as needed and easily retire older systems without a forklift migration.
With these flexibility features, PowerStore simplifies the burden on understaffed or overwhelmed customer IT organizations that are adopting new application frameworks. The results are extraordinary - specifically expedited operations, reduced need for training, reduced cost and mitigated risk associated with supporting a diverse application environment.
Learn more about how PowerStore and other Dell Technologies storage solutions can help you modernize your customers’ IT infrastructures by visiting here 
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