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How to establish a leadership position in the midrange market in today’s distributed data world

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Midrange storage is the largest and fastest growing segment in a $22.4B* storage market. As a solution provider, you want to claim your share of this budding opportunity, even with varying customer requirements including affordability, technology features, workloads and a range of other factors. 

As a solution provider for Dell Technologies’ midrange storage portfolio, you can make sense of these variables since they provide the flexibility and agility to handle any customer workload. 

Key storage market segments

There’s not just one but 6 key storage segments that make up today’s external storage market.

·       High-end

·       Mid-range

·       Entry

·       File/Object

·       Data protection

·       Hyperconverged

·       Cloud storage

For the solution provider, this can be a complex market to service; after all, customer requirements are not a one-size fits all. There is, however, one partner for all with Dell, which is #1 across these segments with 28% market share (that’s 2.7x more share than the #2 vendor). 

Dell’s storage solutions are designed to help navigate change without complexity. With adaptable architecture and integrated intelligence, your customers will always have the latest software plus the ability to scale up or out without forklift upgrades, thereby giving them a reliable platform for seamless growth. Let’s take a closer look at Dell’s primary storage technologies focused on the midrange and what they have to offer: 

Dell PowerStore AFA

PowerStore accelerates business-critical workloads with an ideal combination of performance, flexibility, and simplicity.  Designed to remain “continuously modern” over time, the platform’s intelligent, automated architecture evolves quickly and easily to meet customers’ changing business requirements.

Highlight features of this all-flash array offering include:

·       End-to-end NVMe ecosystem

·       Unified block and file workloads

·       Intelligent scale-up and scale-out 

·       Dynamic Resiliency Engine

·       Online controller upgrades, no migrations

·       Guaranteed 4:1 data reduction

·       VMware, DevOps integrations, and more…

Dell Unity XT HFA 

Unity XT hybrid flash arrays are the ideal solution for general purpose workloads that don’t require the speed and low latency of NVMe architectures. They can provide you with a flexible storage solution without compromising features, performance or reliability enabling organizations to leverage the performance of flash with the economics of disk for lower cost-per-gigabyte.

Unity XT supports:

·       Unified block and file workloads

·       Online controller upgrades, no migrations

·       Cloud interoperability options

·       All-inclusive software

Dell PowerVault ME5  

Starting under $12K, PowerVault ME5 storage serves as an affordable entry point for the price-sensitive small-to-medium business. It is purpose-built and optimized for SAN / DAS simplicity and flexible capacity expansion for Dell PowerEdge Servers. 

Why PowerVault:

·       Simple – easy to setup, use and manage             

·       Fast – Accelerated entry storage performance

·       Affordable – starting under $12K (USD List)

How you will benefit from partnering with Dell

Businesses want a technology partner they can trust -- so they’ll have confidence that their IT infrastructure strategy is optimized and works seamlessly works together for the best business outcomes. When you partner with Dell, the benefits are tangible and immediate:

·       Earn trusted partner status by offerings solutions for traditional and modern workloads

·       Upsell co-delivered deployment services or resell ProDeploy to support rapid deployment

·       Cross-sell and extend offerings to include items from our solutions portfolios, cloud solutions and services

·       Promote extended investment protection with the Future-Proof Program and Anytime Upgrades (where applicable)

Learn more about how you can own the midrange. 

*2021Q1 IDC ESS Tracker, External OEM

** Coming in FY23



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