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Driving Digital Transformation for Customers Using Strategic Storage Solutions

How you can protect your customers’ data from cyber security threats with trusted storage

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Organizations that focus on trusted data center technology, including storage services, find themselves in a better position to innovate, deliver new products, and meet their customers’ expectations. These expectations are becoming more pronounced as consumers and businesses take advantage of constantly available digital services. This ever-increasing demand for constant access to business services in turns up the pressure to deliver both highly available and highly scalable applications. Organizations that can operate – and truly optimize these kinds of applications are in an improved position to compete and grow. 
High availability and scalability alone are not enough to meet the needs of today’s digital services. Organizations need to be laser focused on constantly securing their customers’ data. Data breaches have become far too common, and while consumers may come to expect some security leaks, these leaks carry financial and reputational costs. There is an answer though. Mid-market businesses can leverage trusted data center storage infrastructure to mitigate the risk of data breaches, ransomware, and other disruptive cybersecurity threats
Understanding the relationship between Trusted Data Center Best Practices and technology and business Results
Data center security and trusted best practices can be measured in terms of:
More frequent infrastructure refreshes 
Organizational commitment to secure infrastructure technology
Success implementing secure infrastructure technologies
Data center security and trusted best practices leads to better technology outcomes like:
Fewer outages 
Faster service and data recoveries
Less data loss, security incidents 
Better ability to meet compliance mandates
Technology and security performance empowers greater business success, including:
Faster time to market 
Improved customer satisfaction
Increased market share
Faster revenue growth
This is the opportune time to help your customers modernize their data center infrastructure
Trusted data center storage technologies include modern data security features like encryption, embedded firmware security capabilities, and data protection practices such as backup frequency and replication.
The key part of a security strategy should always include planning for refreshing and retiring outdated infrastructures. Newer infrastructure generally includes a host of security and data protection capabilities that older solutions usually lack. In the end, organizations investing more in infrastructure refreshes are in a better position to drive improved outcomes.
The best practices for the Trusted Data Center storage infrastructure model outline the same best practices that enterprise-scale organizations use to effectively meet storage, security, compliance, and operations requirements. Mid-market organizations can and should now leverage this same strategy. 
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