As the data explosion continues to accelerate, customer organizations are looking for new ways to optimize their storage infrastructure to keep costs down in addition to minimizing their footprint. As a result, efficient and effective data reduction is no longer just a nice-to-have for today’s storage platforms, but a mandatory requirement.
Savvy solutions providers know customers need the right IT platforms to deliver the high-performance and efficiency needed by modern applications, while maintain a simple and flexible architecture that can adapt to any evolving business need. Insights from their analyses inform decisions that can lead to more satisfied customers, increased sales, and improved operations. 
The proof is in the results
To explore these very options for IT organizations, Prowess Consulting tested two NVM Express® (NVMe®) all-flash platforms and measured both storage and energy efficiency. They tested the DellTM PowerStoreTM 1200T and a second, similar storage platform from Vendor A.1 Both storage platforms guaranteed a data reduction ratio (DRR) of 4:1 for block workloads.
During testing, the PowerStore 1200T DRR measured 4.8:1, exceeding its guarantee, whereas the Vendor A platform DRR fell short of its guarantee, measuring only 2.8:1 Additionally, in the test scenario, the PowerStore 1200T used 41 percent less energy than the Vendor A platform. Based on these findings, one could conclude that the PowerStore 1200T solution can help enterprises in obtaining the value they need from their data while reducing costs and energy use in an easy-to-manage, scalable platform. 
In another study, Enterprise Strategy Group reviewed anonymous call home data collected over a five-month period from June through October 2023 to verify the average data reduction ratio customers are achieving with Dell PowerStore. The data set includes all customers running PowerStoreOS 3.5 or higher with 400 GB or more of user data, encompassing a wide variety of workloads and data types.  An analysis of the field data confirmed that PowerStore provided an average data reduction ratio of 5.23:1 for reducible data. The average customer reduced the footprint of this data by 81 percent.
Leading the way in smart storage management
The Dell Technologies PowerStore platform utilizes a combination of the latest Intel Xeon Scalable processors and end-to-end NVMe technology combined with future-proof container-based software to create the PowerStore enterprise storage solution. And customers who buy today are able to get future software-driven innovations at no additional cost, continually improving the platform. PowerStore is designed to simplify IT infrastructure for both traditional and modern workloads, offering single-platform support for block, file, and VMware Virtual Volumes (vVols), along with self-optimizing intelligence that automatically tunes performance, efficiency, and resiliency in the background. This modular hardware design also allows customers to upgrade from gen 1 to gen 2 hardware with ease.
PowerStore automates storage provisioning and can be deployed in minutes. The platform’s scale-up, scale-out architecture allows for single-drive expansion granularity, with auto-discovery and machine learning-based load balancing across clustered appliances. Additional automations include bidirectional VMware integrations to enable VM-level provisioning directly from vSphere, extensive DevOps support for Kubernetes and Ansible, and tight integrations with other Dell portfolio offerings, including VxRail, PowerProtect and Dell's APEX multi-cloud offerings.
Increase storage revenues and drive higher margins
By showcasing real-world validation of PowerStore's data reduction efficiency and effectiveness alongside the simplicity and flexibility of its architecture, Dell Partners can instill customer confidence in PowerStore's performance and value proposition Leading with Dell PowerStore's data reduction guarantee for organizations seeking to manage large and growing volumes of data efficiently helps solution providers win, increase margin, and improves customer outcomes with simplicity, scalability, and performance.
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